The Voice recap: Blind auditions done; battle rounds start next week

With one spot left on each team, competition was tough in Tuesday night's blind auditions.

We started out the night with Mark Lennon singing "Come Together." Lennon is a Venice Beach, Calif., native with a long resume in music.

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The performance was fun; and like some contestants last night, had he performed earlier in the competition, I think he could have landed a spot on any of the coach's teams.

But with few slots left, there has to be a wow factor. Lennon didn't have that factor for any of the judges – but if Carson ever becomes a judge, he should audition again! Carson seemed more disappointed than Lennon about his exit from the show.

New Jersey native Jacqui Sandell was the next contestant of the night.

Her performance of "Dreams" was wistful. She seduced two judges into turning their chairs – Blake and Usher.

I thought Blake turned far more quickly than I would have. While her tone was nice, she had phrasing issues throughout the song.

At this point in the game, I was surprised she got a coach. But she completed Blake's team and will compete with a mix of musicians with powerful voices.

And if Blake's team wasn't full, I'm sure he would have been in the mix competing for the next contestant, Amber Carrington.

Carrington performed "Good Girl" for her blind auditions. She had plans to move to Nashville, and held a benefit concert to raise money to move. Before she was supposed to move, her mother passed away from breast cancer.

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Carrington said it was difficult to even perform, but eventually, she realized her mother would want her to perform again.

And performing was exactly what she did. While Blake begged Usher to turn his chair, Adam swept in and got the girl. He completed his team full of talent.

And Blake reminded us what I had forgotten. Adam can only have so many artists make it to the live shows, and the other coaches have the opportunity to steal. Look for some interesting action in the battle rounds as Adam has to make hard choices about who stays on his team, and who gets stolen by another judge.

Dustin Hatzenbuhler, the next performer, didn't have the same fate.

The coaches told him to come back again, but his performance of "Haven't Met You Yet" felt more like a show tune than a Sinatra song.

I do hope to see Hatzenbuhler back next season. From the crowd's reaction, he has charisma on stage.

Luke Edgemon found his home on Team Shakira.

His performance of "I Can't Make You Love Me" surprised the judges once they saw his demeanor. He is the example of why this show works so well. There was no predisposition to who he was before he started singing. His voice truly drove both Usher and Shakira to turn their chairs.

His decision to go with Shakira meant her team was full, and we're down to only Usher looking for another performer.

The final performer of the night took the final spot on a team.

Team Usher was full after Jessica Childress' performance of "Marry You."

Childress had no idea the other judges had full teams. Usher stood before pushing his button.

She was emotional when the other judges were lamenting having full teams. She joins Team Usher as one of the stronger contestants this season.

So that's a wrap on the blind auditions. Next week, we'll settle in on the battle rounds.

It looks like Shakira and Usher will be harder on their team members than the judges in past seasons. It could make for some entertaining television.

I was pretty lukewarm on Shakira to start the show, but have since decided I like this combo of judges more than CeeLo and Christina.

What do you think? Are you excited for the battle rounds?

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