Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at the shutdown, asks Hollywood Boulevard walkers confusing question

Jimmy Kimmel was at it again Wednesday night.

As the 16-day government shutdown neared its end, the late night host sent a camera woman to Hollywood Boulevard armed with a single question:

"Did Republicans do the right thing by allowing Obamacare to move forward, even though the impending debt crisis could defund additional sequester furloughs and national parks and default ceiling fans?"

As expected, the answers to the buzzword-jumbled query weren't pretty. Over and over streetwalkers, when presented with a microphone, offered opinions on the GOP and air circulation.

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"Do you think the debt ceiling fans should be oscillating?" the interviewer once followed up.

"Ya, ya to a certain extent. I feel like you can ... it can oscillate to a certain extent, but you don't ... with that there's always the idea that you can keep raising the debt and raising the debt and I think that there should be a cap on how much the debt should be raised to."

Mobile users can see the video here -- http://bit.ly/H6DeAG

It wasn't the first time Kimmel had a laugh at the expense of the shutdown, and even though the government's back up and running, it probably won't be the last.

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