The Voice recap: Steals from Adam, Usher and Blake during Monday's battle round episode

Monday's battle round started out like last week's battle rounds left off – with incredible battle rounds. The talent on the show is becoming a real theme of this season.

Usher paired Jessica Childress against Vedo. The pair was incredibly in sync. Blake called it when he said this is the thing that is great about battle rounds and sucky about battle rounds. The performance was full of energy, personality and passion. I don't think anyone would want to be sitting in Usher's seat at the end of that performance – including Usher.

Usher kept Vedo, and Jessica Childress' time on the show ended.

A pair of unique artists battled next for a spot on Team Shakira.

Luke Edgemon was the shining star in his battle with Monique Abbadie. The two performed "You and I" and while both were good, the men were accurate in their assessment that the true winner was Luke.

In a surprise move, Shakira chose Monique as the winner, with the hope that one of the men would choose to steal Luke. Her assumptions were correct and Blake and Usher both hit the steal button. Shakira was excited about the steal, but I'm really not sure why she would want a strong performer in another coach's hands.

In any case, Luke is going to be an added asset to Team Blake during the knockout rounds.

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Speaking of Blake, the next battle round came between two of his artists. He paired Jacqui Sandell and Savannah Berry.

This was one of the weaker performances in the battle rounds so far. Jacqui and Savannah performed "Little White Church."

Each artist had challenges with the song. Jacqui had to get over her rock voice while Savannah is a ballad performer and had to get used to the timing of a fast song.

On the live show, it felt like Jacqui had more of a timing issue than Savannah. Savannah is definitely the country artist of the pair, and as such, Blake chose her as the winner. Jacqui was not stolen and leaves the show.

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Team Shakira had its second battle round of the night – this time between C. Perkins and Chris Thomas.

The pair sang the second Bruno Mars song of the night.

The performance of "It Will Rain" was relatively forgettable, but did bring the observation: Chris Thomas is crazy talented. What do you think?

His talent wasn't the most surprising thing of the battle, though.

C. Perkins was leaving the stage when he got his reprieve on the show. He went to shake Usher's hand and instead, watched Usher hit the steal button.

The next battle brought the return of Midas Whale! The early fan favorites battled against Patrick Dodd, bringing one of the funnier moments this season. The artists of Midas Whale were talking about how Patrick Dodd fit perfectly between their two voices – naming it a Patrick sandwich.

Midas Whale and Patrick performed "Burnin' Love." The performance was energetic and fun. When the performance was over, more than one coach was giving the competitors a standing ovation.

Adam brought Midas Whale to the knockout rounds and Patrick left the show.  

Usher paired the final battle round of the night. Orlando Dixon and Ryan Innes battled to "Ain't No Sunshine."

For once, Carson described the battle correctly when he called it an "epic" battle. Both Orlando and Ryan performed incredibly, including some pretty great falsetto notes from both performers.

It took Usher ages to decide, but when he finally selected Ryan Innes as the winner, it didn't take long before Orlando found himself on a new team. Adam stole the performer, sending him straight to the knockout round.

And that's a wrap on the night. Who do you think had the best battle during the episode?

Notes: Perfect amount of Tabasco to not overpower things. Was anyone else laughing when Shakira used the analogy "the perfect amount of Tabasco?" Also, if you missed it, go back and watch the exchange between Shakira, Adam and Blake about what an oaf is. Spoiler alert: Adam says Blake looks like Shrek. Agree?

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