Trial begins in case against Bartlesville teen Sammie Chavez accused of high school attack plot

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - The trial for the teen accused of plotting an attack on students and police officers at Bartlesville High School began Monday.

Sammie Chavez, charged with one count of planning or attempting to perform an act of violence, was arrested Dec. 14, 2012 for allegedly devising a plan where he would lure students into the school's auditorium, chain the doors shut and open fire.

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Chavez is also accused of plotting to leave bombs at the school's entrances to kill police officers as they responded to the attack.

The first day of trial included jury selection and two witnesses took the stand.

Bartlesville police officer Andrew Ward spoke about the day he arrested Chavez. He described how he found notes detailing Chavez's plans in the teen's pockets.

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Tyler White, 18, also took the stand. He told the jury how he heard Chavez describe his plot one day at lunch.

The trial is expected to continue Tuesday morning.

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