Hulah water district lifts boil order, says water safe to drink

A boil order issued last week for residents in four northeast Oklahoma communities has been lifted.

Residents of Bowring, Oakridge, Whippoorwill Point and the area east of the Hulah Dam towards the Cross Bell Ranch were able to use their water as normally after Hulah Water District 20 on Tuesday morning rescinded the boil order placed Thursday due to a mechanical failure at its water treatment plant.

An official told 2NEWS the district issued the order as a precautionary measure as the plant's filtration membranes last week became clogged, kicking off the plant's water pumps and reducing water pressure, increasing the potential for contaminated water.

She told 2NEWS though the membranes are still on order and not due to be delivered until next week, the plant workers have been able to maintain water pressure sufficient to keep the water safe for consumption.

Until the new parts arrive and are installed, plant workers will monitor the water quality to ensure it is safe to drink.

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