BPS officials: Weapon found in Bartlesville High School student's truck, no intent to cause harm

BARTLESVILLE -- A Bartlesville student was arrested Thursday afternoon when a weapon was found on school grounds.

A 17-year-old male student was taken into custody in the Bartlesville High School parking lot after school officials found a handgun inside the juvenile's truck.

Investigators learned the vehicle belonged to the student's brother and the student did not realize the handgun was inside.

In a statement, a Bartlesville Public School spokesperson said the "investigation indicates there was no intent to cause harm and the safety of students and staff was never compromised." 

"There is nothing more important than the safety and security of our students and staff, and we will continue to do everything possible to ensure the Bartlesville Public School District is safe," said Chuck McCauley, interim superintendent.

The arrest comes as another Bartlesville teenager, Sammie Chavez, awaits sentencing after he was convicted of threatening to kill students and police at Bartlesville High School.

Students tell 2NEWS the incidents have given their community a black eye.

"It's kind of given our town a bad reputation it seems like, but it shouldn't be perceived that way because one kid doesn't reflect a whole town," said Bartlesville High School student Dominick Merhiv.

Police said Friday morning that the student had been released.

Police in Tahlequah also stayed busy this week.

Authorities said they were investigating rumors of a student planning to bring a gun to Tahlequah High School.

Police increased their presence around the school as a precaution.

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