Storm Shield Weather App sale: Track severe weather and storms across northeastern Oklahoma

TULSA - It may be summer, but it's never too late to think about weather safety.

Download our Storm Shield app for live radar, conditions and custom alerts for more than 100 severe weather situations.

Storm Shield is a life-saving app that is like a NOAA Emergency Weather Radio for your iPhone and Android.

And for a limited time you can get it for only $2.99. That's 40 percent off the regular price.

Direct link on your computer to download Storm Shield from the Apple iTunes store

Direct link on your computer to download Storm Shield from the Android Google Play store

You can set up your app and get storm-based alerts via voice and push notification for many different weather conditions to keep you ahead of the storm and to keep your family safe. A few of those alerts that you control and can get notifications for:

-- Wind Warnings, Advisories

-- Thunderstorm Warning, Watch

-- Tornado Warning, Watch

-- Excessive Heat Warning

-- Red Flag Advisories

-- Winter weather conditions

Storm Shield consistently has been one of the most popular paid weather apps since its launch.

A snapshot of how the app works:


Storm-based alerts are more precise than county-based alerts other services use. You've likely seen these county-based alerts on TV, where select counties are highlighted in the corner of your TV screen. These county-based alerts can result in people at one end of a county receiving alerts for weather that will not impact them.

Storm Shield is more personalized than that. With storm-based alerts, you will be alerted if your current or saved locations fall inside a National Weather Service watch or warning box.


As an example, the National Weather Service issues a polygon for a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. This only affects people in the path of the dangerous part of the storm. If your location is inside the orange polygon, you would receive a Severe Thunderstorm Warning from Storm Shield.

If your location is just outside the polygon (even though you may be in the storm and the county), you would not receive a warning from Storm Shield.


Storm Shield is designed to make a negligible impact on your battery. To save your battery life, you can throttle up or down Storm Shield's Location Tracking to balance between location accuracy and battery life. You can also turn off Location Tracking and instead set one of your five locations to where you are most often.


INTERACTIVE MAP: Track hurricane and tropical storm paths by switching between weather overlays on the map.

FOLLOW ME: Get alerts no matter where you are in the United States when a relevant watch or warning is issued.

BATTERY LIFE: Designed to make a negligible impact on your battery, Storm Shield uses Apple's Location Services, which can be turned on or off. You can throttle up or down Storm Shield's Location Tracking to balance between location accuracy and battery life.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Save up to five additional locations to make sure friends and family at home, work, or out of state stay safe.

AUDIO: Get audio alerts (beeps followed by a brief description of the alert) that could wake you in the middle of the night, or give you information when you can't stop to look at the phone.

LIVE VIDEO AND LOCAL INFO: Watch live video streams when available from select Scripps markets. Storm Shield is made possible by Scripps local television stations and newspapers. If you live in a Scripps market, your app will be customized with additional local news and information to keep you ahead of the storm. Use your partner code (if provided), or search for your city or zip code, to activate local weather information in Scripps markets.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS: Find out as soon your child's school closes.

WEATHER PHOTOS: If you can safely take a photo of severe weather, there is a place for you to upload your photo and share it with others. You can also peruse through other weather pictures to see what's going on elsewhere.

Download Storm Shield from the Apple iTunes store

Download Storm Shield from the Android Google Play store

Sign up for email alerts from when severe weather watches and warnings are issued by the National Weather Service. All you do is pick the county or counties you want be notified about and when an alert is issued, you'll get an email in your inbox.


Storm Shield has caught the attention of trusted outlets such as CNET and The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Storm Shield has also won the applause of customers who have submitted feedback:

"A detail-rich app for weather bugs, with an emphasis on smart, active, automatic alerts for severe weather... Its ability to pinpoint data to your location could literally be a life-saver." -

"Storm Shield is like having a sophisticated weather radio on your iPhone." - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

"During the roughest part of the storm I was constantly getting push messages to my iPhone and iPad... Thanks

for developing this amazing app!" - Joe C.

"I love this app because it finds your location... GREAT APP! Someone did what was needed, well worth the small price of it!" - Tina A.

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