FORECAST: No rain tonight but there may be some fog in local spots Friday morning

TULSA - Beautiful Friday!  Its headed our way.

The rest of the night will be dry with gradually clearing skies and mild temperatures in the upper 60s.  A southerly wind tomorrow and plenty of sunshine will lead to another warm and humid day for late summer. 

The weekend forecast continues to evolve. The remnants of "Odile" are slowing down and look to dump its heaviest rains west of Tulsa. We may wait until Saturday night to see any rain and at this point the rainfall amounts look to be less than a half an inch. 


Here is your certified most accurate forecast:

Tonight: Mostly Clear with fog possible in localized spots.
Wind: S - 5 mph
Overnight Low: 68°

Friday: Partly cloudy and humid, hot afternoon.
Wind: S 5-15 mph
Afternoon High: 88°

Friday's Hour by Hour Forecast:
7am: Partly Cloudy, warm, Temp: 68
Noon: Warm & humid, Temp: 84
4pm: Partly Cloudy, humid, temp: 88
7pm: Partly Cloudy, warm, Temp: 84

Saturday: Cloudy with increasing rain by afternoon, evening.
Rain chance: 20%
Wind: SSW 5-15 mph
Afternoon High: 87°

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