VIDEO: 2NEWS' Kansas City affiliate catches Eagles Club collapse under weight of snow

KANSAS CITY - While Green Country largely escaped from Monday's winter weather, not everyone was so lucky.

2NEWS received numerous reports of heavy snowfall in northwestern Oklahoma.

So much so, in fact, that an Alva Sonic crumpled under the weight of the piling flakes.

But it was the small town of Belton, Kan. that captured our attention the most. 2NEWS' Kansas City affiliate, 41 Action News, was live in Belton Tuesday morning when the roof of a local Eagles Club lodge collapsed.

Mobile users can watch the video at

The KC camera, placed in front of the lodge to report on the damaged facility, managed to catch the entire tumble. Not a good day for the Eagles Club, but at least no one was hurt.

Want to see how the weather affected Green Country? We've got a gallery of some of the best photos from Monday and Tuesday (

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