Melting snow, sprouting flowers: Four (and a half) reasons spring is on the way

1. Snow is melting faster than it’s been falling

Yes, a lot of the country is still seeing snow falling once or twice a week. But following that snowfall, temperatures have been warming up a little more each time, so the snow is melting faster and faster.


2. Plants are springing up

A lot of bulb plants are popping up. Daffodils and hyacinths begin arriving the earliest, and they’re quickly followed by tulips. These plants start to peek out of the soil when the soil is just the right temperature.


3. Time change is here

Unless you live in Arizona, Hawaii or one of the four US territories, you’ll be springing forward an hour Saturday night/Sunday morning. It’s also the reason the sun will be setting much later Sunday.


4 and 4 1/2. Days are getting longer/sun angle is higher

Sunset times are occurring a minute or two later each day. Most of us will see a big jump on Sunday, but a minute or two extra each evening adds up pretty quickly. Plus, the sun is higher in the sky in the afternoon because of the Earth’s rotation around the Sun. That means more intense sunshine to thaw us out, warm us up, and get it feeling like spring  again.

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