Brett's Weather Blog: Who voted for this weather?

Happy Tuesday,

It's Election day in Tulsa and the weather may offer its challenges when it comes to voter turnout. It will be cold front start to finish today with a north wind at times making it feel even colder.

And it could be deceptively cold as there will be plenty of sunshine throughout the day. We are only going 41° for the high temperature. This is a cold air mass overhead and it sets us up for a hard freeze tonight. It should be the killing freeze that puts an end to any plant life that may have survived the recent bouts of frosty mornings.

Below is tonight's surface set up. 

Mobile users can see the map here --

The center of this very cold Canadian High Pressure system is right overhead. With the sky clear and the winds diminishing we will achieve maximum cooling. Check out the map below. Tomorrow morning could be this cold in many places.

Mobile users can see the map here --

You have to go back to February 1 of this year before you find the last morning we woke up to temperatures in the teens.  Its not Winter yet, but it will feel like today and tonight!  I am sure if voters could choose the weather, something a lot warmer than today would win. 

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