Brett's Weather Blog: Watching our next system for Monday morning

Happy Saturday,

I hope you are having a good weekend. Saturday & Sunday will be cold as a second shot of cold air spills down on top us Saturday night into Sunday. With the cold air firmly entrenched, moisture will be spreading in from the southwest to bring us a chance for Wintry weather by Monday morning. Here is a look at the set up below:

Mobile users can view the map here --

The 32-degree isotherm is well south of Tulsa Monday morning. Moisture is riding up over top this cold parcel of air. It appears the slab of cold air will be thick enough for whatever falls to be all snow or a combination of sleet and snow. 

As the day unfolds, the precipitation should gradually change over to all rain around noon. Still a lot to determine between now and Sunday night. 

This is the beginning of an active stretch of weather for Green Country. One or two more storms could affect us with either rain or snow during the first 10 days of December. More on that, coming up next on 2News when I give my Winter Weather Forecast.

Make sure you watch Taft Price & Brittany Rainey this weekend for updates on Monday morning.

Have a great weekend,


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