Warm Temperatures will give way to rain and thunderstorms tomorrow.

Good Friday Afternoon,

It is another warm and breezy day across Green country.  Temperatures at 2 p.m. were in the upper 80s.  A couple of spots might hit 90.  There is a significant change on the way for Saturday.

On Thursday, it was officially 92-degrees at Tulsa International Airport.  That was the 72nd day this year the temperature reached at least 90-degrees.  Last year, there were 101 days where the temperature reached at least 90 and often topped 100°.   Below is a month by month breakdown of 90+ days last year compared to this year.

                                         Days Above 90°

                2013                                                             2012      

April          0                                                                     1

May           1                                                                    10

June       16                                                                    19 

July         23                                                                    31

Aug.        18                                                                    27

Sept.       14                                                                    13 


Saturday Changes:   

A cold front will arrive tomorrow.  There is a chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm Saturday morning, but it appears the main show will come in Saturday afternoon.  I think any time after 12 p.m. we could see scattered thunderstorms no matter where you live across Green country.  But it does appear the most organized band of rain could arrive late afternoon and into the evening (4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) as seen in our Futurecast image.

The front should clear out of the area early Sunday morning.  So Sunday should have a fall feel to the air and some spectacular, puffy cumulus clouds and blue skies which should make for some pretty pictures.  Remember to share those pictures with us at weatherpics@kjrh.com.

Thanks for taking time to read the blog.  If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for future blogs just email me, brett.anthony@kjrh.com

Have a great weekend,




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