Storm Shield Weather Blog: July 2014, one of the coolest in Tulsa history

Say hello to the end of July!

It might be a month many of us don't want to see end.  A month so cool even Olaf from Frozen would have enjoyed.

But we have to "Let it Go!"

The last full month of summer vacation for the kids has come to an end but it has been a historic month! Wednesday was just a snapshot of the un-July-like temps. Three cities set new records for coolest afternoon high temperatures including Tulsa.

Anyone do a double take? Mid to upper 70s at the end of July. A time of the year when we our average high is 94 and morning lows don't fall below 73. But, there is always an exception to the rule and this July has been the exception.


July 2014 is on target to be the sixth coolest July ever recorded in Tulsa. Here is how this month stacks up historically:

August will also begin slightly cooler than average. Early next week when the temperature finally gets back to normal, another cold front will bring a chance of rain and more cooler than average temperatures by August 7.

However, hot, summertime temperatures are not over for the year. A pattern change the second half of the month will mean the chance for another brief heat-wave that could produce another 100-degree day or even two. 

The end of the month rain pushed our monthly rainfall total back above average. A smidgen above four-inches of rainfall in a month that averages just over three-inches of rainfall for the entire month. Granted, most of the monthly rainfall fell on just two days out of the whole month. 

So Thursday wraps up as historic. Time to say goodbye to July and hello to August on Friday.

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