Winter storms to have names

"Brutus is packing a punch" or " Walda will produce 15 inches of snow" and "Q is responsible for icy roads."

Sounds odd, but that's what you might hear this winter. The Weather Channel (TWC) has decided it will begin naming major winter events, just as tropical storms and hurricanes are given names to identify them.

Why? TWC says it is to help us.

"Our goal is to better communicate the threat and the timing of the significant impacts that accompany these events."

They will not name each and every event, just the noteworthy winter events. I wonder if that includes 5 inches of snow in Bartlesville? Do we get a name for that?  It's noteworthy if you live in Bartlesville.

In the past, winter storms were named things such as "The President's Day Storm" and "Snowmageddon." Before this new list, here in the U.S., we've not had an effort for a naming system. So here is the list of names they will use this winter.


When I read the comment section on TWC's site I found some interesting remarks: - "
This is the STUPIDEST thing that the awful weather channel has done in long time."

A few posters noted that some insurance companies charge the customers more if it is a named storm and believe this could be an excuse for some insurance companies to charge you more.

Jeanne Germano ·
"Have you guys thought this through? My home owner's insurance has a $500 deductible for storm damage. However, there is a clause that states that if the damage is caused by a named storm, the deductible goes up to 10% of the damage repair costs. Your cute game of naming winter storms is going to cost a lot of people a lot of money."

Poster David L Backlin looked through the list and noticed the name Gandolf listed.

(TWC says it is NOT a misspelling of the famous Gandalf. That Gandolf is simply another character from another book. I'm not buying that.)

David made this observation and suggested a promotion for TWC:
"Here's how it works: We have a Severe Weather Bulletin for Winter Storm Gandalf, but first: Storm Stories, followed by When Weather Changed History. Then stay tuned for Coast Guard Florida and Turbine Cowboys."

That one made me laugh...only because it is too true.

I'm waiting on the next big ice storm to hit Green Country.  I will remind them to not blame me, it's all because of Zeus!

TWC's thought is if the media keeps talking about "Yogi" enough, maybe some viewers will take action that they otherwise wouldn't. I think the original intention may be noble but fearful think this is mostly done for ratings.  That just my opinion.

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