Dan's Blog: Flu gives winter a bad rap

TULSA - It's flu season.

That means fever, chills, muscle aches, non-stop coughing, fatigue, sore throats -- and those are just the co-workers that make it into work.  

But before you blame it on the weather, know this: weather does not cause the flu.
At least not directly. 

Let me explain.

The flu is a virus, spread in the air and by contact with other sick folks. High or low pressure doesn't create or spread germs. 

MORE: KJRH Flu Headquarters (http://bit.ly/FluHQ)

Cold weather, however, tends to bring us closer together, thus spreading the virus to Suzie in the next cubical. 

I'm not a doctor, but have read many sources on ways you can limit your exposure:

  • See your doctor
  • Get the flu vaccine
  • Wash your hands often
  • Try to avoid people who tell you they are sick
  • When you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth
  • Disinfect surfaces and things you touch that may be contaminated
  • Avoid shaking hands

Think Howie Mandel. He's been avoiding shaking people's hands for years. He does the fist bump, demonstrated in this picture by Brittany Rainey and myself. I'll let you guess whose hand is whose.

My hope is you are smarter than me. I tend to "work through" a cold or a slight fever, thinking this is what is best for my company. That maybe if I take the day off or call in sick I'm not doing my job.

But the reality is when we work sick, we cause even more problems. We spread germs and cause others to get sick.

I know it's hard to stay home but you are limiting the possibility the flu may be spread to your co-workers.  

We still have many more months of this sickly season. Best of health.



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