Contrails or chemtrails? That streak behind an aircraft in the sky

Contrails or Chemtrails.

When I show a sky photograph on Channel 2 with an aircraft's contrail scratched across the blue sky, I expect to see a few emails asking me about "chemtrails."

Don't know what those are? Google it sometime and you'll be surprised at what you find. I was.

Before I get into chemtrails, let me explain contrails.

Contrail is short for condensation trails. They are vapor trails made from the hot exhaust of aircraft engines into a colder environment. Think of them as machine-made clouds in the skies. Some tend to last for a long time, and others tend to evaporate much sooner. Much of that depends on the mid and upper level winds and temperatures.

Chemtrails, well apparently much different.

I've always considered the idea of chemtrails as a bit of a joke. But over the years I continue to be asked about these and my theory on what they may be. I once challenged a caller as to what he thought they were and he explained his theory about the government spreading chemicals on the population to "control" us. I can be a bit of a smart alec at times and said, "Well, I guess it's not working." He wasn't amused.

Is this geoengineering? I seriously doubt it. I've read many articles and attended weather conferences for 20 years and haven't seen any credible evidence that this is some sort of clandestine program to alter the weather, the plants, or our minds.


There was a time in our history when most thought smoking was not harmful to your health. That was 50 years ago, but who knows, we may find out years from now that all those chemtrail conspiracy folks were right about this chemical dispersion program upon the masses.

There are many sites that debunk the chemtrail theory. Here is one that seems well organized and documented: .

That is my theory, but I am anxious to hear what you think. Contrails or chemtrails? Tell me below in the comments section or on my Facebook page, .

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