An early Spring for Green Country?

An early Spring?

The Climate Prediction Center's new 90-day outlook suggests we could be mowing the yard sooner this year.

These nationwide forecasts predict the chances of temperatures being above or below average for the period of March, April, and May.

Once again it shows we have a higher than average chance for warmer temperatures during this period.

That's consistent with previous months' forecasts. The new 30-day outlook for March also suggests winter's cold could be on the way out.


Green Country, and much of the southern plains continue to be in a drought. So the 30- and 90-day outlooks for moisture are always very interesting to see. Sadly, they reveal very little about the prospects for a wet spring. Both show we have "equal chances" for precipitation to be either below or above the average.

Here's the 30-day precipitation outlook:

Here's the 90-day precipitation outlook:

Recent snow and rain have helped slightly, but our drought problems will continue for the foreseeable future. Here is the latest Drought monitor. Notice portions of Osage county included in the Extreme category.

Not all, but most viewers, prefer sunny and dry days, especially on the weekends. But we need a wet spring. The drought will not go away after a few showers, but a several well placed soaking events could ease the situation for us. My hope is when the rain is not all at one time.

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