Dan: Ready to sweat? -- Climate Prediction Center releases 90-Day Oulook

TULSA - June could be a rough month. 

The Climate Prediction Center's long range outlook came out this morning and it's indicating warm weather and dry conditions. Temperatures in May have been above average and new data shows June will also be very warm.

These "outlooks" give us a prediction of upcoming temperatures and precipitation.

Here is the June outlook for temperatures. 


Southern and western Oklahoma will have a greater chance for warmer than normal temperatures.  

Notice the bull's eye is Arizona and New Mexico. The only area where there is a chance for below normal temperatures in June is the Pacific Northwest.

The EC on most of this map represents "Equal Chances." That means there is no clear-cut indication of below or below precipitation for June. The northwest has a chance for below normal precipitation. 



The 90 Day outlook for June, July and August shows much of the same. 

For us, it is indicating above average temperatures. Not good news for most of us. 

Still no sign that this upcoming summer will be as hot or dry as last summer. Honestly, it would be difficult to be any hotter than last summer .


Tulsa is running about an inch and a half below average for precipitation. This new outlook does not indicate a high chance for us to catch up this summer. 

In summary, prepare for a hot summer

Last year we had an extreme winter followed by a brutal summer. In fact, the summer of 2011 was the hottest in over 100 years in Oklahoma.

This year we had a mild winter and the hope is this summer will also be less extreme than last year's record-breaking heat.

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