Brett's Weather Blog: Nice for now, changes coming

Good Wednesday Green Country,

This has been a spectacular week of weather!  Wouldn't you agree? Abundant sunshine, low humidity and comfortable temperatures both in the morning and in the afternoons. The evenings have been priceless.

This tranquil, uneventful weather pattern will last until Saturday, that is when a cold front arrives in NE Oklahoma. Look carefully at the map below.

Do you see the front becoming stationary over Tulsa? Something is happening as this front is slowing down.

I'm showing this on 2 News Works for You tonight. There is high level moisture flowing into Green Country from the Pacific Ocean. You could see the high clouds this afternoon drifting overhead. 

This flow aloft will continue over the weekend and with this front meandering through the region, numerous periods of light rain, rain, and thunderstorms will occur. 

Over the next couple of days we should be able to get a feel for when most of the rain will fall. Hopefully, it won't rain all day Saturday. I know of two weddings Saturday evening in Tulsa. 

At this moment, there could be a window of dry weather Saturday night. And right now it appears Monday has the best potential to be a "wash out" of a day.  But again, lets wait and see exactly where the front sets up.

At any rate, with the stalled front and the increased moisture, look at how much rain could fall between Saturday morning and Tuesday afternoon.

Yes, that's right, parts of Green Country could, if it all comes together, get more than three inches of rain out of these repeated rain showers and thunderstorms.  I think a safe bet here would be at least an inch of rain in many spots.

Have a great Wednesday night!

-- Brett

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