Construction crews return to W. 71st Street to complete $2.9 million roadwork project

TULSA - Construction on W. 71st Street near the Arkansas River bridge resumed Tuesday.

Crews began by reinstalling traffic control measures on the bridge, reducing traffic to one lane in both directions.

Wednesday crews are expected to begin total road replacement for 400 feet of W. 71st Street heading west toward Tulsa Hills. The heavily trafficked stretch sees about 29,000 vehicles a day, according to City of Tulsa field engineering manager Terry Ball.

The $2.9 million project, which began in January 2013, was originally slated for completion that fall.

Ball says that after a re-sequencing of projects within the overall reconstruction, the timeline for completion was pushed back to April. He says the re-sequencing was done to alleviate traffic jams on the bridge.  

Ball says he expects the project to be done April 1, weather pending.

The re-sequencing and completion extension did not add any cost to the project.

Ball says the pause in construction on W. 71st between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 was done to allow shoppers easy access to Tulsa Hills and other surrounding businesses during peak holiday shopping time.

He says similar steps were taken at construction sites at E. 21st and S. Lewis and E. 21st and S. Yale.

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