Will former Oklahoma Sooners receiver Ryan Broyles' ACL injury affect his NFL draft hopes?

Will his positives outweigh his injury?

TULSA - Oklahoma's Ryan Broyles was having such a tremendous career with the Sooners.

Most catches, most TDs, the whole enchilada. And then his knee gave out.

Now he awaits his fate with the NFL draft coming up.

First round Thursday? Came and went without Broyles' name being called. But he wasn't expected to be selected there.

Second or third? Now we're talking.

Unfortunately, Broyles' torn ACL didn't just impact his season -- it's impacting his draft prospects.

But nobody has worked harder at recovering than Broyles.

Although he couldn't participate in the NFL combine in February, or OU's pro day in early March, he decided he was going to show the pro scouts something, so he invited scouts to Norman for a workout.

And what do you know, Broyles ran a 4.57 40-yard dash, just five months following ACL surgery. That should get him some points for his work ethic.

His positives -- work ethic, slot receiver possibilities and returns punts.

His negatives -- 5'10 height, not a burner and his injury.

Projection -- How's New England sound? I'm thinking late 3rd round. 

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