Where is the love for USA Basketball? Dream Team 1992 versus the 2012 team

TULSA - Where is the love?

The Team USA Basketball team has not lost a game in international play, including the Olympic opener against France Sunday morning.

They had one close call during the pre-season, a 6-point win over Argentina.

Panic in the streets.

All the doubt started when Kobe Bryant had the audacity to mention that the 2012 team could beat the 1992 Dream Team.

How dare he show faith in his Olympic teammates?

Was Kobe nuts? Beat the 1992 team, led by Michael Jordan, with Bird and Magic and Pippen and Ewing and supposedly every other great basketball player that ever lived? Never happen? I say hogwash.

Then the other day I mentioned on my Sports Animal radio show that  this 2012 team could win three of 10 from the Dream Team. You would have thought I had never watched a basketball game in my life. That I was from outer space. That I didn't have a clue.


The Dream Team didn't have to call time out during the Olympics. Michael Jordan would will the 1992 team to victory each and every time. Pippen and Barkley would dominate, and it would be no contest.

Yea, heard it all before. Yes,1992 clobbered the opponents. Back then International play was not even close to what it is today. It was like playing the D-league and CBA back then. I wouldn't call time out either, for fear of my team falling asleep while I tried to design a new play..

But hey, the last I remember, Michael Jordan didn't will the Washington Wizards to too many victories. Didn't help him hit a curve ball.

Greatest player that ever lived? Yes. Only player to ever play at a Championship level? No.

And all I said was this team would win three out of 10.

When Jordan scoffed at the suggestion the 1992 team could get beat by the 2012 team, he acted as if it was some sort of insult. Pippen and Ewing had the same reaction.

Guys give it up. Overall, 1992 was probably the best team, but unbeatable against LeBron, Durant, Paul and Kobe? Come on, give the current guys a shot.

I do wish Jordan and Pippen and Ewing would quit worrying about their legacies and deal with it.

How about this response? Go USA, hope you get the gold, we are rooting for you.

Instead, you get the feeling by the way they object to 2012 talk, that they want them to lose.

1992 Dream Team. The best.

2012 team? Almost the best. They win three out of 10, maybe four out of six.

Now that should really give the Dream Team backers nightmares.

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