Big Al Jerkens picks his winners for Week 4 of 2012 NFL action

TULSA - So I went 6-10 this week.

If you had a week like mine -- and I'm betting a lot of people did -- feel free to place some considerable blame on the referees.

I am.

I'm just saying it's a good thing the Emmy's were last week, because the award for Best Comedy might have gone to the Monday Night Packers-Seahawks game.


You would think this would be the last straw, right? The NFL would have to finally cave, right? The owners have at least a little shame, right?


Editor's note: The NFL and the referees reached a tentative deal late Wednesday night to end the lockout.

The NFL holds players and coaches to this invisible integrity bar, fining employees for the slightest infraction. And then they go and do this.

Enough. Let's get to the picks before I go completely ballistic on those clowns.

Cleveland at Baltimore: Do we really need to explain why I'm picking the Ravens? 17-3 Baltimore

Carolina at Atlanta: Falcons pulled off a miracle Sunday with a shortened, travel-filled week. Falcons roll again. Atlanta 45-20.

New England at Buffalo: Dying to pick the Bills, but there is no way Pats will fall to 1-3. Brady's a suck-up, claiming these zebras are doing the best they can and not costing teams games. Please. No wonder he gets the babes. Patriots win 28-14.

Minnesota at Detroit: Lions blew it last week at Tennessee after making great comeback to force OT. Going for it on 4th and 1 in overtime in field goal range. Coach blamed miscommunication, didn't want to snap ball, said he wanted to try and draw the Titans offsides. Obviously, better signals needed. Lions win 17-14.

San Diego at Kansas City: Going Chiefs here. They should cook up a fine game plan, BBQ'ing the Chargers in the process. Kansas City 24-20.

Seattle at St. Louis: Good luck Sam, staying upright against the team with the most sacks. Still, Rams in an upset. St. Louis 10-7.

San Fran at Jets: 49ers are better than last week's upset in Minnesota. Jets without best defensive player in the league for the rest of the year. San Francisco 34-20.

Tennessee at Houston: Undefeated Texans voted No. 1 in AP NFL Pro 32 poll. More importantly, their quarterback had an ear lobe chopped off with a vicious hit last week, and still managed to pull out the win. That's all I need to know. Houston wins 34-10.

Miami at Arizona: Too early in season for the Cards to fold, especially playing weak opponents. Arizona may even be this year's Buffalo, starting off strong without the steam for much else. Arizona 13-10.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville: Not worth the commentary. In an upset, Jacksonville 24-20.

Oakland at Denver: Raiders won their one game for the first half of the season. Back to the old days. Not the old, old old days, but the bad old days. Manning and Broncos win 31-13.

New Orleans at Green Bay: Saints go 0-4. Yes. Packers get even for getting jobbed in Seattle. Green Bay 46-41.

Washington at Tampa: Robert Griffin III has come back to earth a bit. And Tampa defense is actually sort of good, and will win despite a bush-league head coach. Tampa 28-24.

Chicago at Dallas: Cowboys Jerry Jones would rather rap to pizza commercials then work out a deal with the referees. My prediction: Jay Cutler throws 4 INTs, still squeaks out win. Chicago 23-21.

NY Giants at Philly: Eagles back to confusing ways. Vick confused. Head coach confused. Fans confused. Giants aren't. New York 34-31.

One more thing.

Don't let the officiating get you down. We need to stick together. We can get through this. Calling Dr. Oz, calling Dr. Oz...

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