Does Michael Phelps' 19 Olympic medals make him best ever?

TULSA - Michael Phelps has the most medals of any human being on the face of the earth. His 15 gold medals is close to nuts.

But is he the best Olympic athlete ever?

Yes, you could make an argument for the man.

Heck, he has done it over three Olympics -- that's some 12 years of training. That takes some doing.

Now, he admitted he didn't train as hard for the 2012 Games, but could you really blame him? You try and swim at your peak for 12 years.

If you have been watching our "2 For the Gold" features, you know yours truly had a hard time making it one length of the pool. I was gasping.

One thing's for sure. The record books side with Phelps.

But I have him No. 3.  In fact, here's my list:

  • Jesse Owens
  • Jim Thorpe
  • Michael Phelps
  • 1980 Olympic Hockey team
  • Mark Spitz

For me, Owens is 1A, Thorpe's 1B.

Owens, a black track athlete, took home four Gold medals in Hitler's Germany, a country that hated him for the color of his skin. That's a true Olympian.

Thorpe also knew racism well. But the Oklahoma Native American still won. Often.

And then there's Phelps. Not a slight, not just good company.

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