Peyton Manning on the go, but where?

Peyton Manning. What is a Hall of Fame quarterback to do?

Head for a team that can win now, that is what you do.

Okay, so your former employer doesn't want you around anymore making 28 million dollars a season. It will be sad for a little while, but hey, you are Peyton Manning. Why fret?

You already have zillions of dollars in the bank, homes all over the country, including South Beach. You will still be a spokesman for every product that advertises on NFL games, will probably host another Saturday Night Live or 2. The networks could net get to you soon enough when you finally retire.

You have it made.

Look, you were just in Miami, flew to Denver with John Elway. Everybody will be fighting over your services, several other teams will be wining and dining you, but watch out on those calories.

You may have to work out for one of these teams.

And Peyton, listen up. DO NOT go to the Jets. Can you see yourself trying to direct traffic at the line of scrimmage with problem children Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress? Those two need GPS to get them going in the right direction these days.

And besides, you do not want to be second fiddle to your kid brother. Eli has two Super Bowl rings, you have just 1, and the New York tabloids will have a field day with that storyline. I can see the headline now: "Eli is the real Man."

And that is the gentle headline. Don't do it.

Seattle wants you. Minnesota wants you. The Chiefs have already made an offer for you. Heck, the entire league wants you.

Peyton, those last three just mentioned will be too cold. So is Denver.

Washington is making a play. But really, do you want to play with a knucklehead owner who puts vanilla ice cream on an offensive coordinator's desk because that's what he thinks of the offense? Vanilla!

Houston makes a little bit of sense, but they went through three QB's last year. Doesn't say a whole lot for the offensive line with the Texans.

Sometime I expect Jerry Jones to make a play for your services. Jerry never met a headline he didn't like.

I say go back to South Beach.

Never seen it snow there. Dolphins aren't really that bad. They have a really good defense and at the end of the year the Fish were winning some games.

I love playing NFL GM.

My prediction: Peyton with the Dolphins.

Next question: Will he go to Canton a Colt or a Fish?



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