Olympics underway

Opening ceremonies enjoyed by billions of people

TULSA - The Olympics are underway in London.

I was starting wonder if we would ever get here. But when I saw the Queen of England join James Bonds on quite a trip through the air, I knew we were in for a beauty.

Did you notice during the Opening Ceremonies...

Mary Poppins. I didn't realize she was an athlete, but she showed us. I thought it was the umbrella that got her from place to place. Now I know it was her Nikes.

LeBron James looking really excited to be there, unlike his Miami teammate DeWayne Wade of four years ago. Wade complained of not getting paid four years ago.

The berets being worn by the USA team. Stylish, but I would have preferred cowboy hats. It seemed as if every other country wore cowboy hats.

The final torch bearers were young, up and coming athletes, not someone famous. Nice change of pace.

All the other USA athletes trying not to gawk at the guys from the basketball team.

Matt Lauer is taller than Bob Costas. Who isn't.

Maria Sharapova looks beautiful in anything she wears.

How many people really do live in China? The team took forever to get through the line, it was so long.

With as many athletes as there were walking through the stadium, is the Olympic Village really small enough in population to be called a village?

Did London really build all those beautiful facilities for Olympics only?

Did Prince William really allow that horrible free throw shot be taped and shown on the air? Brick much! I though he had more clout.

Was that really the Queen or was that Miss Moneypenny with Bond on that helicopter? (Moneypenny was the secretary in the 007 movies)

Enjoy the games.






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