NFL Week 17 picks, predictions: Big Al picks winners for the final game of the NFL season

I was scolded by my son last week that I was too much of a showoff after going 14-2 the week before.

He thought maybe I was getting too carried away with myself over one good week. Well, I more than made up for it, going a sub-par 7-9 last week . No bragging this week, I promise.

This coming week is one of those toughies because some teams can clinch before the 3 p.m. games, and who knows if those late-game starters will tank after learning they have no shot for the playoffs. What about the teams that clinched last week, and plan on resting the starters? KC has threatened to do just that. Terrific.

So pick at your own risk this week. Here goes.

Houston at Tennessee - I'm sorry but this game should be canceled for lack of interest. Tennessee 31-13.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis - Colts have been driving me nuts all season long. Can't quite figure what they are up to each and every week. Just when you think they can't lose, they throw in a clunker. Last week I thought they would falter, and they come through. Take the Colts this week because Jacksonville has won their four games for the year. Colts 33-6.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh - Thank goodness Steelers play this one early, because they still have a playoff shot. Cleveland stinks, as we all know. Steelers easily, 27-9.

Jets at Miami - How could the Dolphins be so bad last week in Buffalo, after playing the game of their lives vs New England? Easy. Big head disease. Should have seen this coming last week. Thought Fish could overcome weather in Niagara Falls, but boy was I wrong! No points! Still trying to figure is Rex Ryan trying to save his job, or does he already know he is gone?  Almost took Jets, but another early game for a playoff hopeful is a good thing. Take Miami 21-20.

Detroit at Minnesota - There is no way Detroit wins this worthless game. Already tanked, why not tank one more time. It's the Vikings trying to save head coach job, or are they? Bad game to try and pick. Go Minny by skinny of their teeth, 23-21.

Buffalo at New England - Game between two Eskimo-type teams. Trying to find way to back Bills here, but can't find it. Pats would love to go to playoffs on a roll. Pats 37-13.

Tampa at New Orleans - Another early game with playoff implications. Who would have thought Saints would be in trouble. Now that they have lost three in a row, their backs are against the wall big time. Surely they can beat bad Tampa? Saints need final drive to win...29-24.

Washington at Giants - "No comment" special. Giants 34-20.

Carolina at Atlanta - Threat of over-partied Carolina team after clinching playoffs last week. Young team, too much fun and celebrating. be careful with this one, even though Atlanta a disgrace to this season. Carolina 27-24.

Green Bay at Chicago - This game for NFC Central title. Not exactly the black and blue division this season. More like lilac and beige division. Did you see these two teams play last week? Bears gave up 54 points. Packers, 38 points. Ouch. Took Bears simply because of home field, no other reason. Chicago 37-34.

Baltimore at Cincinnati - Bengals already clinched. This is the team that will lose because they think they have nothing to play for. Ravens defend Super Bowl of last year, sort of.  Ravens 21-17.

San Francisco at Arizona - Hard to figure a team as hot as Arizona has to wait until the end of the day to figure out if they make the playoffs. They just beat Seattle at Seattle for goodness sakes, and still they could be out after winning seven in a row. Going Zona just for the fun of it, and because they are a good team. Cards 17-14.

Kansas City at San Diego - Hated the way the Chiefs played last week. Now Coach Reid says he may rest starters since they are already in the playoffs, and San Diego is going nowhere. With that in mind, I am going with Chargers because this team always gives its home fans false hope for next season. San Diego wins 34-20.

St. Louis at Seattle - Does Seattle play every game at home? Geez. Rams playing well, hope for .500 record for the season, but since Seattle still playing for something, (home field for the playoffs), go Hawks, 23-12.

Denver at Oakland - QB Pryor's agent says Oakland coaches playing his man because they want him to fail. That's right, the agent is trying to dictate who the Raiders should play at QB, and on top of that, saying his own client should not play, because he is afraid his client will look bad because he has an injury. If he is healthy enough to play, he should play. Period. Reason alone to go with Denver in this one. Raiders are a joke and always will be. Broncos by plenty, 45-10.

Philadelphia at Dallas - For all the marbles in the NFC Least. At press time QB Romo was doubtful, despite Jerry's game plan to keep Eagles guessing who will play at QB. Please! All I know is Foles is playing well for Eagles, and Philly is a better football team. Eagles 42-34.

Have a great week. Let's get to the playoffs.





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