NFL Week 16 picks, predictions: Winners include Chiefs, Saints, Ravens, Eagles and Seahawks

The race is on for #1, as in draft choice

TULSA - The Dallas Cowboys continue to amaze.

Only this team could set a team record for yards in the first half, and then blow a 23-point lead in the second half to a QB who's on his third NFL team. Third team this year!

The comeback was complete when Tony Romo threw his second interception late in the 4th quarter with 1:21 to go. Dez Bryant walked off the field to the locker room to leave his teammates to watch the final moments of a game they should have won. What class. What a teammate. Can't wait to hear the excuses they make for him this week. Should be great sports talk. What a fool.

Another fool. Bill Callahan the Cowboy offensive coordinator...for calling a pass play on a 2nd and 6 when you are trying to kill clock with just over two minutes left in the game. Horrible decision. Romo throws the interception when he gets flushed out of the pocket. That is why Dallas has a horrible record in December. Plays such as that one.

Dallas blows a chance to tie Philadelphia for the NFC East lead, Eagles looked horrible at Minnesota, and the Vikings were without Peterson. Eagles were due for a lousy game, after winning five in a row.

Washington getting criticized for going for two to win game at end at Atlanta. What criticism. Shannahan and his team have nothing to lose, except another slot for top draft choice. Yea, big difference critics; 4-10 or 3-11. Please. Criticize something worth criticizing.

It was awesome watching New England get some of their own medicine with the Dolphins comeback and interception in the end zone to end it. Former TU player Charles Clay with the big play on a 4th and 4 to get the first down to keep the drive alive.

Alex Smith is now the king of the screen pass. Three screens to Jamal Charles for touchdowns. Nice way to inflate your fantasy passing numbers. Throw a five yard pass, and get credit for 50 yards and a touchdown. Charles with 5 TD's as well. Chiefs clinch a playoff spot, but still in running for AFC home field with the Denver loss and Pats loss as well.

By the way, my Thursday night streak ends by losing the gimme game with Denver. How did Broncos lose at home against the Chargers? What a game to lose the streak on.

Eli Manning with five interceptions versus Seattle. That's big even for him. He leads the league in that department with 24 for the season in 14 games. He may have gotten Coughlin fired for that. Thanks Eli, for nothing.

Here goes for this week....after sweating it out with tough past week, I still managed to finish over 500.

We're done with the Thursday games.

Tampa Bay at St. Louis - Rams pulled off the surprise in beating New Orleans and hurting the Saints chances for the home field. Rams win this one to get closer to .500, 24-10.

Indy at Kansas City - Boy, Chiefs back to running on all cylinders. Take on Colts team that is impossible to figure, even this late in the season. More screen passes for the win for Alex Smith. 34-23 KC.

Denver at Houston - Not good for KC with this one. Peyton Manning just named SI Sportsman of the year. Should have been Mariano Rivera of the Yankees, but so it goes. Denver puts Texans out of their misery early. Fans there just to see Manning throw six TD passes, and leave at halftime. 45-10 Broncos.

Miami at Buffalo - Can warm city Miami beat Bills in cold temperatures? Could be tough, coming off the emotional win last week vs New England. Amazing how Fish have been able to maintain despite all the distractions. Dolphins no longer incognito at 8-6 and in the playoffs if they split the next two. This will be tough to win. Bills won last week, could be a lift for them. 24-23 Dolphins.

New Orleans at Carolina - All of a sudden this game is for the marbles in the NFC South. Both come in at 10-4, and I guess we have to admit Carolina is for real. Biggest game in that city in 15 years. Taking Saints because coach Payton looked really upset after horror show in St. Louis. Saints 31-27.

Dallas at Washington - Without Griffin, Washington has better chance against Cowboys. Look for yet another Cowboy choke. Remember, it is December. Cousins playing for free agency, and rest of team would like to get at least one more win before the season is over. Why not over the hated Cowboys. 34-33 Washington.

Cleveland at Jets - No comment game. Jets 17-6.

Minnesota at Cincinnati - All of a sudden, now that the Vikings are out of the playoffs, they're playing like champs. Bengals respond after disaster in Pittsburgh. Bengals 27-21.

Tennessee at Jacksonville - Can we end the season for these two now? Tennessee wins in meaningless, fashion 38-26.

Arizona at Seattle - Could be game of the week. Arizona just survived Nashville last week, needing overtime after blowing 17-point lead in the 4th quarter. Seattle can clinch home field for the rest of the playoffs, and haven't lost at home yet. Why start now? Seattle wins in a close one, 27-23.

NY Giants at Detroit - Intercept-fest for this one. Over-under on two QBs combining for picks is 9 1/2. That

is unofficial, by the way, just my own idea. I'm going with the over. Lions win 27-10.

Oakland at San Diego - Chargers and Oakland may never tackle anyone in this game. San Diego wins 100-98. No this is not an NBA pick'em contest, I know.

Pittsburgh at Green Bay - Cold-fest here. Packers with emotional win, Pittsburgh got the spoiler win they were looking for last week by beating Cincy. Go Packers here. Besides, Rodgers may be back. Pack wins 34-21.

New England at Baltimore - Boy this is a toughie. Both teams having trouble scoring. Taking a shot with Ravens because of home field. Even the refs will have a hard time making up a new rule to help Pats in this one. Baltimore 17-13.

Chicago at Philly - More snow anticipated. Both need the win. Game on Channel 2 Sunday night. Philly in the eyelash game, 27-24.

Atlanta at San Francisco - 49ers get a breather this week. SF wins 38-10.

Don't forget to get the shopping done before the games Sunday! Have a good week everybody!



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