NFL Week 14 picks, predictions, winners: Big Al takes Broncos, Eagles, Saints, 49ers, Patriots

TULSA - If every NFL game was played on a Thursday, I would be the greatest handicapper that ever lived.

But as we all know, that is not the case on both counts, so let me conclude my fantasy right there. You have to admit, I haven't picked a loser on Thursday since early September. Hit the trifecta this past Turkey Day!

Went 11-5 last week, including 3-3 last Thursday.

Buffalo killed me again with two fumbles at the end on the way to beating Atlanta. And the Bears..Da Bears. I told you I hated that pick, and it came back to haunt me by a coach who decides to kick a 47-yard field goal on 2nd down! Are you kidding me! As if a 47-yarder is a cinch. I don't care if it is indoors, you try and get more yards. How tough of a concept is that on?!

And I ask you, if you are going to play an indoor team at home, and your home field is a frozen tundra, why do you choose to play this game indoors in Toronto? No wonder the Bills will never win again. You take away your winter wonderland advantage by playing a visiting team that plays under a roof, under a roof.  Go figure. That game killed me too.

New England with the win at Houston was too close for comfort, and Kansas City seems a bit tired at this point.

My Cincy win at San Diego was my favorite, because the Chargers did what we expected. Lose after getting a big head over a come-from-behind win at Kansas City the week before.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, with four weeks to go before we have the playoffs.

Houston at Jacksonville (Thursday) - Jax is the favorite, if you can believe that! Can you imagine being a scalper trying to get rid of these tickets? Which team do you think would sell the least amount of tickets for this one? Did you notice all the unoccupied seats at Reliant? And Tom Brady was in town. I say Jacksonville wins both the lack of ticket sales, and the game, 23-20.

Indy at Cincinnati - Close call here. Bengals coming around. Luck and the boys seem a little confused at this stage, for whatever reason. Go with the home team here. Bengals 27-23.

Buffalo at Tampa - Given up on Buffalo. Tampa, although it means very little these days, getting a little better. Bucs before another throng of about 35,000 fans, 35-20.

Kansas City at Washington - Chiefs are going to break out of the slump, because Washington is now at the horrible stage. Talk is sitting RGIII for Cousins at QB to give Griffin chance to recover. Recover? He may already be washed up, the way he takes a beating. Chiefs break three-game losing streak 27-13.

Minnesota at Baltimore - How does Peterson do it? He carries 10 other guys on his back, and that's his own teammates. That doesn't include the five or six would-be tacklers on a given carry. AD succumbs in this one. Ravens in a very ugly game, 13-7.

Cleveland at New England - Half the Browns suffering concussions last week, including QB Weeden. And they go to New England where we will here of yet another spygate with the Pats. If NE needs a spy to beat Cleveland, they have really sunk to new lows. Pats embarrass Belichick former team, 42-6.

Atlanta at Green Bay - At press time still wondering if Double-Check Rodgers will be back for this one. Falcons picked a great time to finally win one, the week I don't pick them. I am not going to be fooled into picking here, either. Packers have a losing streak of their own they need to break. Pack is back, 27-24.

Oakland at NY Jets - You may recall back in the 60s this was the AFL game of the century each and every year. There was the Heidi game. The Joe Namath Jets and the Oakland Larmonicas. Throw in a George Blanda and a Matt Snell, and you had yourself a ballgame. These two teams used to hate each other with a passion. And play for the AFL Championship. Now these two teams resemble Pop Warner. No offense to the 10-year-olds who play the game. Jets win 9-6.

Detroit at Philadelphia - This game may never end. Potential for an over of 80. Maybe 90. Both teams need a win to stay on top of the divisions. Eagles the hotter team right now, and they've found themselves a QB and it is not Michael Vick. Best game of the week if you like no defense. Philly 45-41.

Miami at Pittsburgh - Disappointed in Steelers coach Tomlin for the antics on the sidelines the last game. He may have cost his team a draft choice for almost-accidently-on-purpose impeded the opposing player as he went by the boundary. Still, going Pittsburgh here, although you have to admit, every time we think Miami is ready to jump in the tank with Flipper, they get their heads above water. Steelers 23-16.

Tennessee at Denver - Can't see upset here, and Manning was sensational in KC last Sunday. Broncos continue the roll to the playoffs and maybe the Super Bowl. Beside, coach Fox is back after his heart surgery. Just what Denver

needs, more incentive to win. Broncos win handily, 34-13.

NY Giants at San Diego - It's now or never for the Eli's. At 5-7 they still have a chance, which tells you something about the NFL these days. Taking the worn out phrase, "Anybody can beat anybody at any given time" to a new level. San Diego keeps blowing chances to get back in it. Giants do have something to play for. Giants 23-18.

Seattle at San Francisco - Really now, the Seahawks can't be that good. Absolutely destroyed Saints Monday night. How many wads of gum can Pete Carroll get into his mouth by the end of the game? Watch the next time they get a tight shot of the coach. I say it is at least three packs by 3rd quarter. 49ers getting act together and beat a short week Seahawks, 29-21.

St. Louis at Arizona - Told you last weeks Cards-Eagles game would be a good one? What you didn't see it? Shame on you. Good game. Rams running out of gas, not that they had much anyway. Cards rebound from loss in Philly, but low scoring, 16-10.

Dallas at Chicago - Watching the Bears head coach walk off the field last week reminded me of my substitute teacher who realized he would never get a real teaching gig, because he can't do the math. Oops,  can't count to three, as in three downs to get more yardage to kick a shorter field goal in overtime to win an important game. Kicking a field goal on second down? You have to be kidding me! At 47 yards yet. Killing me. Coaches who think a 47-yard field goal is a cinch, need to be blasted. It is not that easy with the game on the line. Just isn't. After that tirade, I am going with Chicago, because I dislike the Cowboys very, very much. Bears 31-27.

Carolina at New Orleans - Biggest game of the year for Cam Newton. He wins this one, and he really has arrived. Took Saints by an eyelash, because Drew Brees doesn't usually lose two big games in a row. 34-31 Saints.

Hey, any leftover turkey still in the fridge? If not, look for the turkeys still in playoff contention in the NFL.

Can the playoffs get here already. Have a good week.


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