NFL scouts in Oklahoma this week to test possible players

TULSA - Many experts feel it is an important job interview. Others say the only thing that can happen is failure.

We are talking NFL combines and pro days at various college campuses.

Just this Friday, OSU held its pro day  for 16 former Cowboy players, including projected first rounder, wide receiver Justin Blackmon and quarterback Brandon Weeden.

All 32 NFL teams were represented in Stillwater. All had stopwatches and report cards handy to right down good, the bad, and the ugly.

A five second 40 yard time? Ugly.

Denver Bronco President John Elway was there to have dinner with Weeden, watch the kid throw, only to hop on a plane at the Stillwater airport  with Peyton Manning.

Talk about Weeden having his head spin. One night steak and lobster with an NFL Hall of Famer and thinking you impressed the team that already has Tim Tebow, only to learn the Broncos would rather have another Hall of Famer calling plays.

Despite the fact Blackmon had scored touchdown after touchdown, was considered the best pass catcher in the country two years in a row, you would have thought there would be plenty of game tape on the kid for NFL scouts and coaches to make a proper evaluation. But nooooo!

The main topic of conversation, (aside from the Elway dinner with Weeden and later the meeting with Manning), was how fast Blackmon ran. He raised some eyebrows by not running at the NFL combine the weeks ago.

The audacity of it all.

Well, Blackmon ran the 40 Friday to the tune of 4.46 Friday. That would go down as good on the scouting report card.

Next up, Weeden. As if scouts didn't know he could, with all the OSU games on TV this year.

Another problem solved. He passed the passing test.

At some point it seems as if it is analytical overkill. But this is how they make their living, so who are we to argue.

I know one thing. I would hate to be the guy responsible for reading and watching all the reports on cards and tape and getting them in order so the coach in the draft day war room looks like an expert, only to find out the player you drafted has an agent who insists on holding out of training camp.

Let us save the arguing for when our team picks the wrong guy. Then we'll want those scouts to get fired and go to another team and time a 40 for the arch rival.

And we will also be wondering, as we watch our draft choice stand on the sideline with his hat on backwards and a chart in his hands why our scouts didn't scout this kid better. Did the stopwatch not work? Was the 40 yards measured improperly? Was that a two or a three on the scouting report, as the cornerback gets outjumped by a receiver on his way to the end zone.

See, us fans are as anal as the scouts.

Life in the NFL.

By the way. Kids at TU try to impress the NFL March 12, and the OU folks March 15.

Get those stopwatches ready for action.

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