Big Al Jerkens picks his winners for Week 5 of 2012 NFL action

A little better last week at 9-5. It's a wonder what proper referees can bring to a football game.

At least that's over now.

Now, is it just me or did Dallas celebrate a bit too early after beating New York to start the season? You would have thought they would be getting an automatic invite to the Super Bowl the way they were acting.

Things have changed.

So here we are in Week 5, with the Cowboys to get a bye week before running into the semi-truck that is the Ravens, with three teams left on top of the mountain.

Atlanta, Houston and Arizona -- all undefeated. The Falcons? Sure. Houston? Makes sense. But the Cardinals? No comment.

That said, two teams are still looking for that first elusive win. Cleveland and New Orleans. Again, Cleveland makes sense there, but the Saints at 0-4?

Which brings me to my Week 5 predictions.

San Diego @ New Orleans: I think they start a new streak this week. Brees makes history. Saints win.

Arizona @ St. Louis: Rams kick a 67 yard field goal to win it. Rams 16-14.

Miami @ Cincinnati: Dolphins just can't get any luck. Bad luck continues. Bengals 13-10.

Green Bay @ Indianapolis: Colts may be down with head coach suffering from leukemia. Packers win close 31-29.

Baltimore @ Kansas City: Can we end the Cassel experiment now? Chiefs get fried like the chocolate corn dog at the state fair. Ravens 27-10.

Tennessee @ Minnesota: Almost went Titans here, but came to my senses, although this is going to be a really bad game. 16-10 Vikings.

Atlanta @ Washington: Falcons living right so far this year. Last weeks win was extremely lucky. Going with upset here. Redskins in a surprise, 38-34.

Cleveland @ Giants: These are the games the Giants play down to the competition, but I think they'll inch it out. Giants 27-23.

Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh: Injured Steelers return, Eagles the luckiest team so far this year. Steelers romp 35-17.

Seattle @ Carolina: Seahawks will pay all season for bogus win over the Pack. Panthers win 16-10.

Chicago @ Jacksonville: Going with another upset here. Bears coming off Monday night to another road game. Unfair scheduling bites the Bears before a crowd of 13,000 Floridians. Jaguars 23-20.

Denver @ New England: Would love to pick Mr. Manning in this one, but have to go with Pats in the best game of the day. Patriots win 34-31.

Buffalo @ 49ers: Bills choking extremely early this season. At least they won seven of the first eight a year ago. San Fran rolls for the second consecutive week, 38-13.

Houston @ New York Jets: You should see the tabloids in New York calling for Sanchez' head, pleading for more Tebow. Priceless. The longest-running joke in the NFL adds another chuckle, losing to the Texans 31-12.

That is all. Have a great week.




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