Al: Keys to OKC Thunder-San Antonio Spurs NBA conference finals

I needed the rest. So I am glad the Thunder and the Spurs managed to end the second round series quickly.

I have always liked the way the Spurs went about their business. So far they haven't lost a single playoff game in 2012.

And this was supposed to be the old Geritol group.

The home state boys? They took an extra game to oust the Lakers but still got it done in five games.

So both teams gave their fans and the media that cover them a chance to relax a little, recharge the batteries and get after it starting Sunday.

Even Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks commented Monday night that the state of Oklahoma could now get some rest.

He may have been thinking of himself too because by the end of the Lakers series it looked as if Mr. Brooks had been up for five straight days.

So, who do you like?

With nearly a week off, I find myself going back and forth on the series' outcome.

One day I like the Spurs because of the playoff experience -- Gregg Popovich is the best coach in any professional sport, which explains in part the four titles in 15 years.

The next day I go with the Thunder. They've got that youthful appeal, but don't under play the experience they gained in last year's playoffs. 

And the OKC New Kids on the Block do have the league's top scorer in Kevin Durant, and if Russell Westbrook can channel a little more energy towards making baskets and not getting technicals, well, that would help.

But it may not come down to Durant v. Duncan or Westbrook v. Parker.  It may be James Harden v. Manu Ginobili.

Harden is one heck of a sixth man -- just ask the NBA -- but can the student best the master bench play of Manu Ginobili?

I'm going Harden here, and with him, the Thunder. So I guess you could say as the Beard goeth, so doth the Thunder.

And to think, four wins away from this state hosting an NBA Championship.

Who knew?

By the way, I now feel recharged, so what are we waiting for already?

Have a good Western Conference Final.

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