Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State University goes to Jacksonville Jaguars in 2012 NFL Draft

Now all he needs is a decent QB

TULSA - What a night for a young man from Ardmore, Oklahoma.

When Justin Blackmon  first came to OSU, he was a skinny and undersized member of the college version of the practice squad.

Heck Dez Bryant was the star. Not enough publicity to go around, or footballs for that matter.

Now Blackmon is a pro too, to catch passes for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Four years later, here is Blackmon, not only taken in the first round of the NFL draft, but a 5th pick overall. Bryant didn't get picked until the 20's by the Dallas Cowboys.

Jacksonville even traded up to get ahead of the St. Louis Rams, who wanted a classy receiver for Sam Bradford. The Jaguars got their man, the Rams did not.

You love to see good guys have good things happen to them.

Blackmon was always accomodating to the media, and especially the fans.

He even took a young lady with special needs to the draft in New York with him, so she could enjoy the time in the Big Apple.

Can't say Jacksonville is a perfect team for Blackmon. They lack a really decent quarterback.

Heck, they may not even be in Jacksonville midway through Blackmon's contract.

Not many fans have been going to games in northern Florida these days, and they have been threatening to move the franchise for years.

At any rate, Blackmon gets the big paycheck as the 5th overall pick, and the best of luck.

He certainly gave us so many thrills around here.

Hope he keeps it up in the pro game.

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