Dylan Bundy and Archie Bradley picked in first round of MLB draft

Bundy to Birds

TULSA - What an accomplishment.

Not one, but two high school players taken in the first round.

Not just the first round, the top 10. Not just the top 10. The top 7!  Wow. In my 25 years of reporting sports in Tulsa,  never have I seen such a thing.

At approximately 6:18 Monday evening, Dylan Bundy of Owasso High School was chosen as the 4th overall pick in the Major League Baseball annual draft. As he watched MLB Commissioner Bud Selig say his name on national television, a big smile on the usually stoic expression of Bundy was noticed, for a slight moment. The Baltimore Orioles had picked his brother Bobby four years earlier, so he was thinking big brother on the same staff at Camden yards.

About another 15 minutes expired. Sitting in the same couch and looking at the big screen TV, Selig made another annoucement.

Archie Bradley, Broken Arrow High School, goes to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

There it was. For the first time in Tulsa sports history, two H.S. pitchers taken as top choices within three picks of each other within one half hour. Incredible!

It was neat that they did it together. Both at the same watch party. Both getting the good news within moments of each other. Getting big hugs, big handshakes, big kisses. Understanding they were set for life, and the family set for life. Millions of dollars to be negotiated, to be put in the bank, except for maybe a pickup truck or two.

Bundy and Bradley watched the draft together, did live interviews together, have continued to work out together. And now millionaires together.

All of this comes on the heels of two other Oklahomans having great seasons.

Putnam City QB Sam Bradford was named NFL Rookie of the year this past season after being the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Oklahoma Christian basketballer Blake Griffin named NBA Rookie of the year this past campaign after being the number one overall pick in the NBA draft.

Now this. Bundy and Bradley number one picks in the Major League Baseball Draft.

I'd say you're doin' fine, Oklahoma.


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