Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys needs to get back on track with his team

Another bad week for Dez

TULSA - It is combative times for the NFL these days.

But the biggest fight may turn out to be in Dallas with Cowboy WR Dez Bryant. It has nothing to do with shopping for jewelry. It has more to do with his lack of professionalism.

While the NFL is locked-up with an owners lockout and no real solution in sight, there is another lockout going on in Dallas. It is the lockout and lockup of Dez Bryants' brain.

He is not thinking right now. He better wake up, or he may be heading down the long and lonely path of Nowheresville.

We already know of his spending habits.

Almost a million dollars worth of jewelry purchases. A diamond watch for every day. A few necklaces for his lady friends. Buying jewelry is okay, I guess, but the last I heard you had to pay for the excess of gold and silver. He owes creditors $950,000.

He has had scuffles with shopping center security guards. He acts as though he is above being a peaceful human being.

Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star Telegram was telling me on my Sports Animal radio show, even his friends in his home town of Lufkin, Texas say ol' Dez is not the same ol' Dez. That the former resident has gone big time.

All of this is pretty scary coming from a young man who has a chance to make good, while about to blow it.

Some will enable the behavior, because they need his friendship, and for him to pick up the tabs at eateries and department stores.

But this is not the real scary part.

The scary part is that he is alienating himself from his teammates. And if you do not have your teammates back, you have lost the only avenue left to escape the immaturity of youth.

Here is where the alienation comes in.

Last week there was an opportunity for "Dez" to show if he knows what it is to be a  professional athlete.

The NFL had its lockout lifted for what turned out to be one day, last Friday. Valley Ranch was open for players. Get in a workout, maybe grab a playbook, meet the new coaches, get injuries checked out.

Dez Bryant did none of the above. A no-show.

Not only that, Galloway learned Bryant was supposed to meet with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones last Friday to discuss, among other things, the future, what happened in the past, and get things straightened out.

Guess what? Dez Bryant was a no-show. Thats just great. Show up the man who pays you. The man that could get you out of your debts with the creditors.


How about this toe-tapper.. Bryant is coming off ankle surgery, and apparently is in rehab. According to Galloway, his rehab is playing pick-up basketball at a Dallas rec center. That is not the prescribed rehab set by the Cowboys.

It is getting very obvious Bryant is listening to the wrong people. Certainly folks in their right minds wouldn't advise Bryant to be a Valley Ranch no-show. Would they?

We all sit in the background and wonder how young people can make the same mistakes over and over again. Heck, who knows what I would have done with my money if I had that big pay day.

I am not going to pretend to be Dr. Frazier Crane. I have no idea what is going on in the mind of one Dez Byrant.

I do know this. Dez Bryant better get on the right pass route of life if he wants to continue making money playing football. At this rate, there will be no more options for making a living.

Want the icing on the cake?

Despite the lockout, the Cowboys got together this week for a make-shift workout session. 40 players made it. Guess who didn't.

Need I really?

By the way, if you are wondering if this was a problem at OSU. Did we mention he is being sued by a Stillwater landlord for failure to pay back rent on his apartment?


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