Big Al Jerkens picks his winners for Week 8 of 2012 NFL action

Family ties with the NFL

It is official. The AFC no longer dominates the NFL. The power rankings are back in the NFC where at least there are more than three teams over 500.

Which means absolutely nothing really. Just thought I would throw that one in there.

Since we have reached the midway point of the season, or at least close to that, and since I am on a little bit of a winning streak (10-3 last week), I am going to try something one time and one time only.

Pick the teams my family roots for... Here goes.

Jacksonville at Green Bay. My first son was born in Green Bay, and so he is a member of the Packer-backers.  I wish I had my survivor game left. This would be it. Pack 48-21.

New Orleans at Denver. My youngest son, who will celebrate his first anniversary this week, is married to a lady who was an Indy Colts fan. Actually she is a Peyton Manning fan.  She used to root for the Colts but now she is a Denver fan. So Broncos win 35-34.

San Francisco at Arizona. My oldest son is married to a 49ers fan and she gave us two beautiful grandkids, so San Fran over Arizona...27-13.

Indianapolis at Tennessee. My daughter lives near Nashville, and she is nuts for the Titans...and since the Titans looked better last week, I feel confident in this pick as well. Titans over Colts 26-21.

It is a good thing Peyton Manning was traded or I would have a conflict. Actually, my wife is a Titans fan as well, so I would really be in trouble if I went the other way.

N.Y. Giants at Dallas. This is a big family thing. Such as my Dad, my brothers, my sister. My mother, God rest her soul, was the biggest sports fan on the face of the earth, and she loved the Giants and had a crush on Frank Gifford. Giants 37-33.

I think my youngest son is a Giants fan since he froze with me at Lambeau five years ago in Brett Favres' final game as a Packer. Since he lives in L.A. he is still waiting for a pro franchise to come to his town.

New England at St. Louis. My brother-in-law is a big Tom Brady fan, and even though I really can't stand anything that he comes from Boston, I am going Pats this one time... New England in London over St. Louis 6-3.

Why the NFL feels it is necessary to send teams across the pond is beyond me. As if the NFL is going to explode in Europe. It already failed once. As if selling nine more NFL jerseys is going to create a new fan base. If it isn't played on a pitch with goals and no more than two goals, not going to make it in Europe. In fact they think field goal kickers are the best part of the game... No thanks.

Miami at Jets. Since most of us are Giants fans, you know where this one is going. Dolphins for my nephew.

That takes care of the family thing.

Now for the rest of the games.

Tampa Bay at Minnesota. Vikings most improved team in the league. The creamsicle uniformed Bucs get beat again... 24-10.

Carolina at Chicago. Whiny Newton gets beat again. In fact, clobbered by Da Bears. 27-3.

Seattle at Detroit. Lions about to fall from the face of the earth. Seattle maybe they are that good. Seahawks win. Or should I say, Lions lose again..24-21.

Atlanta at Philly. Again, I say, Giants fans stick together. Go Falcons. 34-13.

Washington at Pittsburgh. No family intervention here. Just need NFC East teams to lose. Steelers 17-16.

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