Big Al Jerkens picks his winners for Week 7 of 2012 NFL action

TULSA - I was on my way to undefeated.

On my way to glory.

The week started with my pick of Titans over Steelers thinking, hey this is going to be a really fun weekend.

Sunday arrives, Atlanta outlasts Oakland. I even picked Weeden to get his first win! I'm on a roll at 3-0.

Other precincts reported in, Jets clobbered Colts, 4-0, Miami upended the Rams. 5-0. Vegas here we come!

Detroit came from behind to beat the Eagles and won in OT. Now I know it is going to be a great week!

Dez Bryant dropped a pass in the end zone. This is too good to be true, 7-0. But wait, there is more...

Tampa clobbered the Kansas City Chiefs. My record stood at 8-0. Time for a break for lunch.

I looked at the rest of the games and figured this could be the greatest picking day of my life. New England will clobber Seattle, right? Wrong.

No way Arizona loses at home to horrible Buffalo, right? Wrong again. That smirk on my face is starting to turn to bitter beer face!

49er's looking for revenge against the Giants. Surely Harbaugh will send the Jints a message. Wrong again, locker room breath. Now it's three losses in a row.

But wait, there's more.

Washington hangs on the beat Vikes to stop my bleeding, and almost picked the exact score of Packers-Texans, but the wound opens up right away when San Diego blows a 24-0 lead to lose the Denver. That hurts!

My 8-0 goes to 10-4 in a heartbeat.

So with all that in mind, here goes this week...

Seattle at San Fran - I refuse to believe Seattle is this good. Game between two ego-maniac coaches. Going with 49er's. Can't see Niners losing two in a row at home.

Tennessee at Buffalo - It seems we have the revenge game every year of the Music City Miracle. This one in Buffalo where we will see our first snowflakes of the year. Bills win 27-25.

Cleveland at Indy - Weeden vs Luck. This is not the Heisman stage in New York. This is on the gridiron. Cleveland front office in a complete mess right now, so go with Colts.

Washington at Giants - Went against my team last week, and will always regret it. I deserve to lose that one against 49er's. Never again. Giants over Bob Griffin.

New Orleans at Tampa - Saints get some bounty-players back, and win at Tampa.

Dallas at Carolina - Dez drops another pass in end zone, this time as time expires. Newton better learn option does not work in NFL. That is why they have never used it in the pros. It is a death sentence for a quarterback. Carolina wins.

Baltimore in Houston - What are TV Networks going to do without the Ray Lewis Hollywood antics before games, with Lewis out for season? Joe Flacco doesn't exactly remind me of that type of screaming lunatic for the cameras. Texans win big, Ravens too many broken wings.

Green Bay at St. Louis - Bring back the Rogers discount double check commercial, because the Andre Dawson out of the Wrigley Field ivy double check ad is already tired. Pack more than back in this one.

Arizona at Minnesota - Arizona already a team to give up on. Vikes win

Jets at New England - Are the Pats finally getting over the hill? Not when they play another QB that is already over the hill at age 24. Pats win easy.

Jax at Oakland - How bad can a matchup get? Oakland 34-3

Detroit at Chicago - Bears had week off. Head Coach Lovie Smith spent his off week in Tulsa watching his alma mater Golden Hurricane beat UTEP. Something seems to be missing with Lions, despite the win last week. Cutler has better scowl than Stafford. Bears 13-10.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati - Steelers getting long in the tooth, but you never know what team the Bengals have from week to week. Go Cincy.

Have a great week.

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