Big Al Jerkens picks his winners for Week 6 of 2012 NFL action

More than half the teams in the NFL -- 17 to be exact -- already have two losses after five games.

Only 13 have winning records.

So I ask you, parity or parody?

Former NFL Commissioner "Parity Pete" Rozelle designed NFL policies to help move equality along. Such as the current draft system where the worst team gets the first pick in the next draft.

Teams with better records get the tougher schedule the following season.

Even the financial structure of the NFL is as equal as can be. TV money gets split in 32 pie slices -- something Jerry Jones hates by the way.

But in some seasons parity turns to parody. Remember when Seattle made the playoffs with a below-.500 record? That was a joke.

My Giants won the Super Bowl with a 9-7 regular season. The Packers are 2-3 for crying out loud. As Vince Lombardi once said, "What the heck is going on out here?"

At least one thing makes sense -- Cleveland's winless.

And with that, here are my picks.

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee: Is Troy P. going to have to retire to making shampoo commercials full-time? He might have the time as he's hurt once again. Titans win 17-16.

Oakland @ Atlanta: Falcons luck continued last week. Should have lost but at least they find ways to win. Beat the Raiders with ease. Falcons 34-13.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland: Thought I was going to choke on my pretzel when the Browns went up on the Giants 14-0. Weeden was actually having a decent game. This time Cleveland gets it done. Browns 24-23.

St. Louis @ Miami: Here are two teams that have been really hard to figure. Rams winning with Div. 2 college kicker, and I am telling you, Miami is not as bad as the records indicate over the last few years. Dolphins win 17-13.

Indianapolis @ Jets: Should have picked the Colts, because Andrew Luck is really going to be a good QB, and beating the Pack last week was a sensational comeback. Jets coming off another stinker in a loss to the Texans. If Sanchez doesn't win this game, girlfriend Eva Longoria will send him packing. Love and the Jets prevail 19-14.

Detroit @ Philadelphia: Vick fumbles six times this week, three at the goal line, and Lions had the week off to regroup. Lions win 38-28.

Dallas @ Baltimore: EMSA on full alert for Tony in this one. Trauma centers ready for Romo's arrival. I am even starting to feel sorry for the guy, I mean he could get hurt out there. Baltimore wins it 16-14.

Kansas City @ Tampa: Chiefs packed bags to get out of town Monday to get away from their own fans. Rumor has it fans went to the airport to boo the team boarding the team charter. KC fans usually one of the best in the country, but this knocked them down more than a few pegs. Oh ya, Buccaneers win 23-20.

New England @ Seattle: Sonic Boom Stadium at it again. Brady finds a way to convince the refs Seattle fans are cheating when cheering, and refs concur. Patriots win in a penalty-fest 29-20.

Buffalo @ Arizona: Bills looked absolutely horrid last week. Continues in the desert. Arizona wins, but barely. Cardinals 31-30.

NY Giants @ San Francisco: Is it just me, or do the Giants play at San Francisco every year? This is getting ridiculous. 49ers on a roll, but as bad as New York plays against bad teams, they pick it up with tough competition most of the time. Still have to pick against my G-men. Big Blue defense playing like Little Boy Blue these days. 49ers 42-37.

Minnesota @ Washington: The Vikings are the biggest surprise, along with Cardinals. AD goes to the nations capital to face RG3 and his sore lip. Daniel Snyder already making comments about wanting more out of his team. The pressure is on Washington. Home team wins by an eyelash. Redskins 27-26.

Denver @ San Diego: Chargers back to their old early losing ways. Chargers get by in a squeaker here 34-31.

Green Bay @ Houston: This is the Sunday night game on Channel 2. This has the potential of being a big time game. Packers up against the wall, Texans coming off Monday night win in New York. I'm going with the green. Green Bay 37-35.

Have a good week. Let us hope we get a few more teams over 500.

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