Big Al Jerkens picks his winners for Week 3 of 2012 NFL action

TULSA - Coming off one of my best weeks ever -- 12-4.

My theory? Week 2 is easy.

The home teams in Week 2 seem to always win. Most of those at home had either losses on opening day on the road or if they did win they still feel the euphoria of playing before the home fans after basically being six weeks on the road (training camp in the wilderness with first roads games to begin the season).

But here's the kicker, I went 12-4 and lost the New England game. Not only that, it was my survivor game.

How in the world can New England lose to Arizona at home? Nuts. It ruined my weekend. For the first time in my life I was rooting for the Patriots. And they lose. Give me a break.

So with two weeks worth of football in the books, I've found myself 21-11. A darkhorse playoff contender at the worst.

But it's not exactly easy from here. If Week 2 is easy, Week 3 is the toughest.

Some towns already have coaches on the fire warning list. Kansas City, Cleveland, Tennessee.

Also, did you notice the Manning brothers combined for six interceptions in the first half... It happens to the best of them.

San Francisco was voted number one by the new AP NFL 32 poll. New England fell all the way to the second five...

The worst? Jacksonville, followed closely by Kansas City. 

Miami is not as bad as people think, and no team did a 180 like the Dallas Cowboys from week one to week two.

Another one of those home team second week wins for Seattle.

Even Indy won at home...

Looks as if those first round draft choice QB's had good weeks. Luck got a win with the Colts, RG3 played well despite the knucklehead personal foul by his teammate at the end of the game to take his team out of field goal range.

Weeden had a better day than the opener and Tannehill played decent for the Fish.

Time for the picks.

Giants at Carolina - Giants defense can't be this soft, can it? Coming from behind to win over Tampa Bay was lucky, but the jury's still out on Carolina. Giants coach just hoping he has another chance for victory formation. Newton should meet his match in the speed department with Giants speed... Giants in a squeaker 31-30.

St. Louis at Chicago - Sammy the Rammy had his best day as a pro last week in beating the Skins... Finally able to stand up and throw a pass. He had been getting knocked silly by the lack of protection by his line. He came real close to suffering David Carr disease (gun-shy in the pocket by getting hit too much for sacks). Cutler better not shove at his offensive linemen again or they may throw him over the pillars of Soldier Field and into Lake Michigan. Bears by 10.

Buffalo at Cleveland -The rust bowl of old. Weeden gets his first win...13-10.

Tampa at Dallas - First Dallas home game. Jerry vetoes Garrett's plan to bench Felix Jones. Schiano plans to have 11 linemen jump on Romo to see if he fumbles as the Cowboys look to kill the clock at the end of the game so he can get in a shouting match with Garrett at midfield.

You know, Schiano is the only coach who wants his team to play to the end. Please. He was a punk Sunday against the Giants in a hopeless situation. Coughlin had every right to get in Schianos grill. Oh yea, the pick... Dallas 27-24.

Jets at Miami - Miami has a defense and the Jets stink on offense. Dolphin owner holds another Tim Tebow day in his return to Tebow's home state. Owner hoping for a crowd of more than 30,000. Dolphins win 13-10.

San Francisco at Minnesota - 49er's ripe for the upset loss but Minnesota just cannot keep up despite AD's remarkable comeback from knee surgery. Peterson gets plenty of yards but no TD's. 49er's romp 34-10.

Kansas City at New Orleans - The Chiefs are really bad. Coaches jobs on the line already. New Orleans loses three in a row? I don't think so. Prediction - Replacement refs lose control of this game and there is a big brawl at the end. Saints 45-3.

Cincy at Wash - Cincinnati is another team not as bad as people think. But Washington at home... RG-3 looks like the real deal... Skins by 17.

Detroit at Tennessee - Hate that Titans are bad. It is my daughter's favorite team. But they seem hapless and hopeless these days. Locker not quite locked in yet. Visiting Detroit gets it done 27-21.

Jax at Indianapolis - Jax voted worst team in league by the AP poll. Colts were the pre-season worst team. Something has to give.  Colts get win number two... Jax goes 0-3 despite Justin Blackmon's big day... 31-28 Colts.

Philly at Zona - Eagles get hammered in this one and the Cards go 3-0. Sounds nuts, but Eagles luck runs out in week three. Arizona 34-31.

Atlanta at San Diego - Still having a hard time believing Bolts are 2-0... They usually start off horribly. Atlanta coming off Monday night, going cross country for this. Still, Atlanta for real this season, and wins in a squeaker. Falcons 45-44.

Houston at Denver - Texans voted best in AFC after week two by the AP poll. Denver coming off near comeback at Atlanta. With fall starting this weekend, look for 6

inches of snow in the Mile High. Denver and Peyton win this one 27-24.

Pittsburgh at Oakland - How bad can a team be and not be the worst in the league? Oakland is my pick for worst franchise in the last 15 years. Steel-men win with pride, and do not need the immaculate reception to win this one, 13-10 Pittsburgh.

Green Bay at Seattle - Almost went with Seabirds in this one, but the Pack with plenty of time off to prepare for this one. Noise does not bother Mr. Discount Doublecheck. Rogers and company win handily 34-17.

New England at Baltimore - How beautiful is this? Pats will be 1-2 after losing at the Ravens. 34-20 B'more.

That is all.

P.S. Don't get on the replacement refs too much. They are trying...even though they don't know the rules.

What's a few misinterpretations of penalties? So what, it is still pass interference even though the defender was four yards away from the receiver?

The heck with the flow of the game. What is wrong with a zebra conference after every play? Pretty soon games will go 4 1/2 hours and we will never get to our news after the Sunday night game on NBC.

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