Big Al Jerkens picks his winners for Week 10 of 2012 NFL action

The high school football season has reached the playoffs this week.

The final third of the college season is about to begin.

Meanwhile, the NFL is just starting the second half. That means eight more games, plus the playoffs.

That's some extra wear and tear.

Unfortunately, my picks may be more tired than those players.

I went 7-7 last week, a mediocre showing. Maybe this week I'll find my second wind..

Indianapolis at Jacksonville - Colts continue the heartwarming story with Coach Pagano. And that Luck sure is something. Colts will move up to 6-3, winning easily in Florida. Colts 33-10.

Giants at Cincinnati - Eli has found his mid-season funk. And Cincy's fighting for respectability. Bengals in mild upset, 26-24 Cincy.

Tennessee at Miami - Titans owner threatens entire team with firing notices. Win or else. Ya..still won't work. Where's Vince Young if you need him. Dolphins win 23-3.

Detroit at Minnesota - Can't really tell whether or not Detroit is getting better. They've beaten chumps to get back to 4-4, while Vikes are on a losing streak. Expect points in this one, 45-41 Vikings.

Buffalo at Pats - The Bills can't get out of their own way, but won't have to this time in Foxborough as the Pats are starting to roll. Blowout alert: Patriots win 44-10.

Atlanta at New Orleans - This one seems dangerous for the ATL. The Falcons are due. Saints win in a shootout 35-33.

San Diego at Tampa - Avoid this game if at all possible. Has 6-3 written all over it. Bucs win...6-3.

Denver at Carolina - Bronco's GM John Elway just named NFL executive of the half season. That's a thing? Next we'll be giving out awards for each quarter of a game. Panthers in upset here, 24-23.

Oakland at Baltimore - McFadden cannot get through an entire season. It's that simple. Add a Ravens team fresh off a bye week, and Oakland may be more black and blue than silver and gold. Ravens 34-10.

Jets at Seattle - Jets coach Rex Ryan: Most overrated, according to a poll of NFL players. The players weren't allowed to weigh in on their own team, but I'm not sure that would've helped Ryan's rank. He took the title with 45 percent of the vote, and the fraud of a quarterback that is Mark Sanchez would probably echo league sentiment.

Oops, forgot the pick. Seahawks 15-13.

Dallas at Philadelphia - Jerry tells ESPN he is staying on as GM of Cowboys and will NEVER LEAVE.

The only fans that want Jerry out are Cowboys fans. The rest of us are tickled pink Jerry wants the job forever.

Two dysfunctional teams, but Dallas wins this one on the road. Cowboys 27-24.

St. Louis at San Francisco - Go Niners. 29-3.

KC at Pittsburgh - Did you hear Kansas City is going with former OU head coach Gary Gibbs as defensive coordinator? Not sure that's a promotion... Steelers win 16-3.

Houston at Chicago - Bears looking for some respect. Fall just short. 27-26 Texans.

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