Big Al Jerkens picks his winners for Week 1 of 2012 NFL action

Let me say this quickly before I really get in trouble.

There is no way the NFL, a billion-dollar industry, should open the season with inadequate officiating. The game is tough enough to rule, let alone by guys who were officiating in the National Lingerie Football League.

It is beyond belief the owners are this cheap. Wait until their team gets screwed by a bad call.

From what I understand, it would cost each owner $100,000 each to give the zebras the raises they want.

Now that that's off my chest.

Game 1 Dallas Cowboys @ NY Giants: Giants over Dallas. Super Bowl champs used Dallas to get into the playoffs as a wild card last year, and went on to win it all.

They use Dallas again because Witten is likely out, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin haven't been full speed in 3 weeks, and because Jerry Jones picked his team to kick the Giants' butts.

Enough said.

Game on Channel 2 by the way. Giants 34-17.

Indianapolis Colts @ Chicago Bears: Colts will need more than Luck to win this one, although Bears no bargain. Is Lovie worried about his job? I would be if I had to rely on Jay Cutler. Bears 24-10.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Cleveland Browns: Browns' Weeden just had trouble with Eagles in the preseason. Unless he makes the quickest adjustment in NFL history, same thing this time. Eagles 31-14.

New England Patriots @ Tennessee Titans: I took the Pats but worried. The Titans are a tough team to figure out. Refs will likely give New England every benefit of the doubt, especially the fake NFL refs. Patriots 35-20.

Atlanta Falcons @ Kansas City Chiefs: KC has looked so bad during the preseason, they are bound to win the opener and lose the rest. Nice logic, Al. Chiefs 10-3.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Minnesota Vikings: Bad game, bad game. Vikings by 3.

Washington Redskins @ New Orleans Saints: Robert Griffin gets his first test. Look for a surprising upset here. Redskins 34-27.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets: Jets scored one touchdown in the preseason. Bills started out great last year, followed by the big fade. Same story here. Buffalo by 10.

St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions: This is my lock of the week. Rams struggle again this season. Lions by 19.

Miami Dolphins @ Houston Texans: After Dolphins did the Hard Knocks thing, my guess is the Fish coach gets fired eight games in. Texans by 27.

San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers: Game of the week. Both teams leave the preseason with something to prove. Expect high-octane scoring right from the start. Packers 41-38.

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  A bum of a game. Carolina by a FG.

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals: Why I picked Arizona is beyond me, but I live to punish myself. Arizona in a squeaker.

Denver Broncos @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers look for revenge after Tebow ousted them from the playoffs a year ago. Go Steelers. They don't forget. Pittsburgh beats Manning in his Bronco debut.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens: Ravens actually have an offense now. Easy win for Ray Lewis.

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders: Raiders will be the surprise of the season. Beats Chargers by a Janokowski FG.

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