Al's Thoughts: Former Oklahoma State University WR Justin Blackmon's NFL draft prospects

TULSA - Justin Blackmon was a skinny kid the day OSU teammate Dez Bryant was taken in the first round by the Dallas Cowboys.

Not only has Blackmon gained size and stature, but his wallet is about to grow as well.

Blackmon could be going in the top 5, likely the top 10.

Is he a game changer?


He's not the fastest in the world, but he has really good hands and escapability.

His combine numbers were good enough for Blackmon to stay away from the rumor mill of draft-dropping.

Blackmon doesn't have any knucklehead baggage that could drop him down.

So what does Blackmon need?

A team that needs him.

Even though the Rams traded the No. 2 overall selection to get more picks from Washington, Blackmon should still be there for the Rams at No. 6.

And wouldn't that be nice. OU's Sam Bradford throwing to OSU's Justin Blackmon.

That would send Bedlam back about a thousand years.

If he goes later in the draft., look for Buffalo to look his way at No. 10.

One thing we know for sure -- Blackmon will not be going to Oakland.

The Raiders do not have a pick until the late third round, the 95th overall pick.

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