2 for the Gold Olympics challenge: Big Al takes on fencing with the Tulsa Fencing Club

TULSA - One of the least appreciated events in the Olympics is one of its oldest.

One of only five original sports in the modern games, fencing continues its traditions in various clubs throughout the world.

In conjunction with this being the week for the fencers in London, the Tulsa Fencing Club invited me out to one of the outings.

Check out behind the scenes photos from our 2 for the Gold shoots. On your phone? Copy and paste bit.ly/bigalphotos into your browser.

Jeff Starkweather and his fellow Fencing aficionados meet every Tuesday for one of the Olympics oldest events. The USA is pretty darn good at it too. Two-time Olympic gold medalist  Mariel Zagunis carried the USA flag in the opening ceremonies.

So how did I fare with the epee? Check out the video to see. If you're reading this on your phone or iPad go to our Video section to watch me in action.

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