2 for the Gold: Big Al Jerkens, Cayden McFarland try Winter Olympics event Figure Skating

TULSA - In 2012, Big Al and Cayden McFarland tried their hand at some of the more popular summer game events.

Two years later, they're back giving the winter games a go - with figure skating as the first event they decided to try.

In 1908, Figure Skating was the first winter sport included in the Olympics and it remains the most popular.

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It requires a combination of grace and athleticism like no other. However, those attributes weren't on display as Big Al and Cayden learned the ropes from Boyko Alexiev, a 1988 Bulgarian Olympian.

Boyko teaches figure skating in Tulsa, but this lesson may have been the toughest assignment of his career as Big Al hadn't laced up skates in about five decades, and Cayden, well, he's never been on a single blade before in his life!

Their lesson was all about the basics - no jumps, lifts or throws. They did a lot of walking, marching and of course, falling.

And falling they did a little too well. After the big man took a nice spill, they decided to leave the sport to those with a little more grace and athleticism...the Olympians.

Watch the video attached to this story to see the Channel 2 sports department in action, or rather, inaction!





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