2 for the Gold: Tulsa Curling Club helps Big Al and Cayden McFarland learn the Olympic sport

TULSA - For most of us, and especially for the Sports Department here at Channel 2, Olympic sports are events we'll never be able to do and not look completely out of place.

Except for maybe Curling.

Chess on Ice, as some call it, was invented in Scotland more than 500 years ago.

It was reinstated as an Olympic sport in 1998 and thanks to cable TV, it's popularity is on the rise.

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Eric Vardeman, the founder of The Tulsa Curling Club , showed me and Big Al how it's done.

What? You didn't realize Tulsa had a Curling club?


It consists of two teams with four players each, throwing 42 pound "stones" guided by two players with brooms, called sweeping.

Sweeping reduces friction allowing the stone to travel further.

After each player has thrown twice, the closest stone wins the round. A point is awarded for each stone nearer the button than the opponent's stones.

But, as we discovered, pushing off and sliding the stones like the Olympians is harder than it looks.

Watch the video attached to this story to see how we did.



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