2 for the Gold: Big Al works with the Tulsa Oilers to show his stuff as an ice hockey goalie

TULSA - Playing goalie can be a lonesome existence.

You're out on an icy island, being attacked by hard rubber disks that are frozen before games to make them even harder.

Those little projectiles coming at you at about 120 miles-per-hour per slap shot, with opponents trying to turn the red light on, and knock you out.

But a netminder does have one thing in his favor to keep the bisquit out of the basket - plenty of armor.

So how tough could it be?

I mean seriously, the U.S. women needed just 55 seconds to score three times against Switzerland!

Well, first, there's the girdle for protection, once you get it over the gut, that is...

Then you have the leg pads that are as big as pillows to protect your shins and knees...

Next is the chest protector which looks and fits like something from medieval times. Still, I'll take it...

You can't forget the catching glove, or the blocker on the other hand to hold the goalie stick.

And finally, the mask. Can you believe goalies didn't wear masks until the late 60's?!

All that's left now is to hit the ice. Wearing 70 pounds of protection and heading out to the net it occurred to me....I forgot my protective cup!

Too late now, but could I stop that slap shot?!?!

Check out the videos attached to this story to see how the big man did.

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