Where will former Oklahoma State University quarterback Brandon Weeden go in the NFL Draft?

TULSA - With the NFL draft quickly approaching, the debate continues concerning Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden.

Will he adapt to an NFL-style offense?
Is he too old to be a number 1?
Can he improvise when the rush is on?

At some point, you wonder if NFL scouts should be penalized for analysis paralysis.

Brandon Weeden is an interesting case. He is 28-years-old, and he can throw with the best of them.

Age becomes a factor, but it can be a positive as much as a negative. 

Weeden has already gone through one dissappointing aspect of professional sports. Drafted by baseball's New York Yankees out of Edmond, Weeden did not get past the single-A level.

He was not highly regarded with Mike Gundy four years ago behind Zac Robinson. Remember Gundy going with Cate instead of Weeden when Robinson could not go against Colorado? Weeden's practice habits were questioned. But once he got on the field, he was impressive, and the rest is history.

Because of his experiences, at age 28, he appears to be more mature on and off the field than any quarterback in the draft.

But also at age 28, teams that draft him fear he will not get past a 10 year career, if that.

Reminder, Roger Staubach did not start in the NFL until he was 28 because of his Navy obligations, and he lasted 10 years with Dallas.

The biggest question which turns to debate. If Weeden were 22-years-old, how high would he be on the chart. Many experts claim Weeden would be a top 10 pick if not for his age.

A team that would like to get the drafted QB on the field immediately, Weeden fits the bill better than other QB's in draft, aside for maybe Andrew Luck of Stanford.

Griffin is a great player, but adopting to the NFL may take a few years.

And the high ranking of Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill is still a little confusing to me. Some have Tannehill as high as a top 10 pick.

So where will Weeden go?

The guess here is Cleveland at #22, 1st round.

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