College football's wild week one: Predictions, projections already gone awry

Here in college football country, many of us spent the last nine months (or at least a very unhealthy portion of those nine months) dissecting, discussing and predicting what would happen on gridirons across the nation this fall.

Didn't take but one week for oh so many of my predictions to look oh so foolish.

On our Facebook page, I predicted OK State would beat Mississippi State in a relatively high scoring affair, 34-24 (not even close).

I assumed the Cowboys would throw the ball with great success against the Bulldogs inexperienced corners (wrong).

I figured OSU's defense would find some success but mostly struggle to keep MSU QB Tyler Russell from moving up and down the field (really wrong).

Turns out OSU's passing game has far more work to do than I would've guessed and it turns out that defense is probably the best of the Gundy era.

I wiffed on what would happen in Week One, but I gotta pat myself on the back (bow down to myself if Jim Trabor is reading) with one prognostication; When the All Big 12 Preseason team was announced, I labeled the QB selection of TCU's Casey Pachall absurd (he was benched mid-way thru the Horned Frogs' season-opening loss to LSU). My pick at the time? J.W. Walsh. Not looking so crazy now, eh?

Other Week One happenings that fooled me...

OU's passing game with Trevor Knight:

From the handful of highlights I saw during the spring, I had Knight pegged as a Colt McCoy type. Very good athlete, accurate, but not great arm strength. Turns out Knight has some serious accuracy issues (I'm sure it will improve, but this kid ain't Colt McCoy), but he does have some real zip on the ball and his athleticism (while not even in the same zip code as Johnny Autograph) is big time. You see how high he jumped on the celebration of his first touchdown? His vertical tops Jalen Saunders with ease. Knight will be fun to watch.

OU's Defense:

Whoa. Obviously, its just Louisiana-Monroe, but the Sooners are definitely better than I expected, especially up front. They may struggle against the Notre Dame's, OK State's and Texas' on the schedule, but that much-maligned D-Line passed the 'eye test,' and I simply assumed they wouldn't Charles Tapper will be really good. That said, Monroe's QB was weak-armed. When the Sooners have to respect somebody's arm or when a team has some pile movers up front, things might look very different.

Tulsa's running game:

Just assumed these fellas would plug in a couple new faces up front and Trey Watts and JeTerian Douglas would keep chugging. The 16-carry, 30 yard performance at Bowling Green changed everything for TU's offense. This team leaned on that running game heavily in 2012. Hopefully, Bowling Green is just THAT good.

Bill Snyder loses to North Dakota State (and other Big 12 embarrassments):

I know Snyder has flirted with September losses to FCS or Mid-major teams before, but I never imagined they wouldn't find a way to pull this thing out. Reigning Big 12 Champs loses to an FCS team? Yikes.

By the way, rough week for the Grande Doce. TCU, K-State, Iowa State lose. West Virginia has to pull one out against William & Mary. We all assumed this would be a down year for the league. Probably gonna be worse than we forecasted.

Finally... Never thought anything would make me root for Nick Saban and Alabama, but Johnny Manziel's classless taunting penalty over the weekend did the trick. The Wright Thompson piece actually made me feel sorry for the kid (glad his parents weren't mine), but no way I can root for him.

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