NFL rules committee considers punishing players and teams on the field for using the N-word

CLEVELAND - NFL players may have to start watching their mouths, if the NFL rules committee votes to punish teams and players who use the N-word.

The new rule is expected to be enacted at next month’s owners meeting.

If passed, every time a player is caught saying the N-word their team would be accessed a 15-yard penalty.

The player can be ejected from the game for a second infraction.

“I think it’s just another way we lift one another up,” said a gentlemen who goes by the name MannMan. “From our struggles, they put us down for so many years and now they mad cause we using it as a bring-up thing,” he continued.

Members of the younger generation who spoke with us didn't seem as agitated by the word as those in the older generation.

NewsChannel5’s Leon Bibb took no position on the NFL’s potential rule change, but did comment about the use of the N-word.

“I don’t use the N-word,” Bibb said. “It is a word for degradation and hate. I stay away from it. I would rather it not be used anywhere."

Civil Rights leaders, like Avery Friedman said they will not get involved with the rule change because the NFL is a private company. “The first amendment is a restriction on government. And that means the NFL can terminate an employee for using the N-word if they are on the field or having anything to do with professional football,” Friedman said.

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